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  • White Oak Meadows - Not worth the time and money.

    I had the 2010 version and figured the 2012 would be an upgrade with current maps etc. Sorry to say hat is not the case, roads that have been there for 5 years or more do not show up at all - looks like you are driving across a field. For some reason somebody decided removing the "clear route" tab that was in earlier versions would be a great idea, so now when starting a new trip one has do delete each input individually - not a user friendly set up a all. I won't get another Delorme product

  • Cins11 - Great color remover!

    I am a professional hair stylist and I am very pleased with the results of this color remover. I don't enjoy stripping color out of hair--it's so damaging. But this Color Oops left minimal damage, and I was very impressed. I only needed one box for shoulder-length hair. I followed the instructions on the box. I was removing demi-permanent color, and this really did the trick. My client's hair had a nice warm brown tone to it, close to her natural color, and we didn't tone afterwards because it looked quite pretty. We didn't do any other processing afterwards, just a protein filler to counteract any porosity damage (which you will get when doing any type of chemical treatment) and we then highlighted with a toned bleach (Kaleidocolor) 2-3 weeks afterwards, which turned out great. All in all, I am satisfied with the results of this Color Oops and I will use it again in a heartbeat if I need to.

  • Alan Marquez - Would Buy Again!

    I've had my eyes on these shoes for a while now, So I finally decide to get them and they fit great and are super comfortable. They look great and would buy them again in another color, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • BlueBellBlue - Minimalist, great for travel & camping.

    Very minimalist. And the word "Machine" should be removed from the title for sure. I was somewhat surprised when I opened the package at the thinness of it. It's a little TOO minimalist as they give you no guidance whatsoever as to how much coffee to use. I used 1 1/2 tablespoons. First cup wasn't totally successful. I use a wide-base oversize mug for less sloshing while carrying & less tipping hazard. Well, this is not the device for that as the grounds don't hang down far enough to steep. I ended up putting it in a regular mug and that worked better. It's super compact. I also intend to use it for tea, which it's perfect for. Would be great for travel and camping. I have a Melitta Clever Dripper and it's great. However, it takes up too much room in the suitcase to pack on the off chance I'm somewhere without a coffeemaker. This takes up no room at all.

  • dannyzee - 2013 honda CRV crossbars.

    Items arrived in less than a week after ordering. Installed them in about 10-15mins. Screws supplied were phillips head not torx. Forward crossbar is wider than rear one so after a quick measure, got ready to install. Rear screw holes were a bit off, so I swung the rear one 180 deg. and they lined up perfectly.

  • C. T. Geoghegan - Stock Trader Almanac was a disappointment

    The stock Trader almanac for me has been disappointment compare to the commodity Almanac which I loved and wish it was still published.