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Mobile App Development Edinburgh: Sharp Apps - We are a mobile app development company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in bespoke development.

  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/nhs/ NHS GGC App | Sharp-Apps - Our behaviour-changing child safety app is helping to protect kids across the country.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/bbc/ CBBC App | Sharp-Apps - Our rocking game solutions for CBBC helped pre-teens tackle the challenges of ‘growing up’.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/fairfield/ Glasgow Fairfield Apps Suite | Sharp-Apps - Our interactive apps are putting Glasgow’s ship-building history at people’s fingertips.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/brt/ Big Red Teapot Group | Sharp-Apps - Where does beautiful offline and online thinking hang out together? Our work for the BRT bar group.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/offshore-medicals/ Offshore Medicals Appointment System | Sharp-Apps - Life for North Sea oil workers isn’t easy. But thanks to our website, self-managing their medicals is.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/portfolio/ads/ Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) | Sharp-Apps - When you’re designing and building a web hub for Architecture and Design Scotland, you do it well.
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/blog/not-yer-usual-website-for-a-pub-you-canny-beat/ Not ‘yer usual’ website for a pub you canny beat | Sharp-Apps - At Sharp Apps, we pride ourselves on our professionalism at all times. But just this once, we must declare an interest – because when legendary Edinburgh pub
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/blog/edinburghs-west-end-isready-to-welcome-you/ Edinburgh’s West End is…ready to welcome you. | Sharp-Apps - Not that it’s been anything other of course – one visit to this vibrant inner-city hub of shops, restaurants and bars will confirm it’s anything but
  • http://www.sharp-apps.com/blog/recognise-that-face-testing-your-memory/ Recognise that face? Testing your memory | Sharp-Apps - Let’s face it, the way we see the world plays a big part in how we think. But have you ever considered the reverse; that the way we think has just as much

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  • Michelle the Comic Lady - Made my hair fall out

    Not sure what's in this stuff, but it made my hair fall out like crazy in the shower. Like 3x more than normal. Not good for someone who wants more hair...

  • Sassy K - Book is a must have

    I purchased this to help with questions I had. It didn't disappoint me! I have been able to find the answers I need when I look for them.

  • customer - Good stuff👌👍👊

    I got a lot of stretch marks with my first kid. I started using this on my stomach and sides with this pregnancy. I am12 days away from my due date and have not gotten any stretch marks.