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  • http://www.sextherapyaustralia.com.au/form.php Sex Therapy Sydney - Pamela Supple - Contact Us - I offer confidential support through sex therapy for people with problems such as stress, mid-life crises, relationship difficulties, anxiety, abuse, self-confidence and assertiveness issues, communication problems, guilt and shame issues.

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  • Ronald S. - Low level shaver rated top of the line

    I purchased this for my son that is handicapped, He loves it and it works very well. It should provide service for a long time. He loves the fact that it can be rinsed off after use instead of using the tiny brush. Which was hard for him to hold onto.All in all this razor is perfect for him.

  • Jamie Orban - amazing exfoliator

    Love this exfoliator, I switched to this after using St.Ives apricot scrub for the past 10 years and this is so amazing! I can feel the exfoliation as it's happening, but not in a painful i think my skin is being ripped off kind of way. After I rinse it off my skin feels soft and smooth. I'll definitely be buying this again

  • marykj - This antenna works as good if not better than the original 8" flagpole that ...

    This antenna works as good if not better than the original 8" flagpole that came on the truck new from the manufacture. I had asked the dealership from the day I picked up my new truck to find me a shorter antenna as I knew that it would snag going in and out of my garage. They responded by telling me that they could not find one through there searches. I saw the Stubby Jr on a new truck like mine and asked the guy where he got it from and the rest is history. Ordered it from Amazon / Craven Speed and received it 4 days later. Couldn't be happier.

  • Jesus Moreta - pretty handy tool

    Well this is a great gadget to have if you like me have car which stereo doesn't support Bluetooth, this one works fine though the sound quality is not awesome but is good, sometimes you would need to change the radio station to get rid of the static you could find in some stations, I had some issues with the microphone friends complaining that they can't hear or understand what I was saying, even Siri would not understand what I said, so o complained and I received a replacement and I have to say it works like a charm, There's still an Issue with the sound quality, there's still some sound distortion and there's too much base sometimes, but overall this a pretty handy gadget, it comes with a male to male cable in case you don't have Bluetooth on your cell phone, as well as a micro SD card port, I recommend this thing, I bought this mainly cause I hate male to male cable, they just usually brake after a month of usage so I just got tired of those, if you need to have less distortion on sound you need to place the volume on the transmitter not higher than 24 and it'll improve a little, don't turn it all way up to 30, if you want higher volume, use the radio volume.