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  • Lilly - I gave 1 star for a review because not happy with it

    I gave 1 star for a review because not happy with it. Have had McAfee as my virus protector for years & was happy with it until now. Purchased it again by way of Amazon. Called McAfee to see if a way to use new code with old subscription. They tried to do so guiding me, but wouldn't do so with what she told me to do. McAfee wanted to download a program so could she could take over my computer to get it going. I thought no way letting them & download something more in my computer. Hung up & thought will download myself & delete the old McAfee subscription. Did so, but since I had used the code I bought, wouldn't let me use it again. Amazon was kind enough to give me another code. LOVE Amazon. When downloaded McAfee from site online, used my same email & password from prior subscription & kept saying was expired still. Called McAfee & someone guided me how to get the new installed. They said had to download Internet Exployer, which I thought I already had on my computer. She gave me the web address to type in & told her, I want my default the same & don't want her changing anything on my computer. She said, OH NO, but oh yes. Now my default is Yahoo & can't get rid of it. I called McAfee & said only way could fix the issued is to let them into my computer. No Way. Will never get McAfee again. Now to open anything takes WAY too long. Maybe Amazon will give my money back & could get something else. I'm way not happy with McAfee!!

  • R. Dary - Wonderful movie!

    I read a review in which the reviewer talked about it being in B&W versus color, and how kids don't like B&W, etc. How sad! I am very glad I am old enough to not expect every movie to be in color. To me, besides the wonderful acting and, of course, the timeless story, the black and whiteness actually adds to the picture, to the dreariness of Scrooge's life before that fateful night. The merry parts, yet, are no less merry for it being in B&W.

  • David - We all see all sorts of fantastic devises that are advertised to make our life easier

    We all see all sorts of fantastic devises that are advertised to make our life easier. The NuWave actually DOES make life so simple that it should be illegal. If you are a meat eater you gotta have this thing! I but steaks when they are on sale in a "Family Pack". I season them and then freeze them. Any time you want a steak- take it out of the freezer bag and toss it on the NuWAVE.