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Sara Gottfried MD | At Home in Your Body, At Last - The Official Website of Dr. Sara Gottfried, the Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience and the author of the forthcoming book, The Hormone Cure.

  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/detoxification-your-questions-answered/ Detoxification: Your Questions Answered | Sara Gottfried MD - Detox is nutrient rehab. Detoxing means cleaning out the body, removing toxins, clearing out your jammed hormone receptors, and resetting key hormones.
  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/hormones-and-their-interaction-with-the-pain-experience-by-dr-joe-tatta-dpt/ Hormones & Pain Experience | Sara Gottfried MD - If pain has been present for more than three months tissue damage and inflammation are no longer the only causes of pain.
  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/5-faqs-on-hormones-and-weight-loss-resistance/ Hormones and Weight Loss Resistance | Sara Gottfried MD - Insulin resistance means your cells can’t absorb the extra blood glucose your body keeps generating, and your liver converts the glucose into fat.
  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/projectpeanutbutter/ Project Peanut Butter: Help Us Address Childhood Malnutrition | Sara Gottfried MD - If you appreciate our work here at Gottfried Institute, I ask that you show your support by considering a small donation to Project Peanut Butter.
  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/author/sara/ Sara Gottfried MD | Sara Gottfried MD - Sara Gottfried, MD is the New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet. After graduating from Harvard Medical School and MIT
  • http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/7-faqs-on-cortisol/ What is cortisol's role in the body? | Sara Gottfried MD - Cortisol is the hormone that governs your digestion, hunger cravings, digestion, sleep/wake patterns, physical activity, and your capacity to cope with stress.

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  • Jason A. Denton - My Samsung Smart TV just showed me an advertisement in the menu ...

    My Samsung Smart TV just showed me an advertisement in the menu bar. It put the ad where the button I was trying to push usually sits. I paid a lot for this TV, and having Samsung use the software to shove additional ads onto the screen is a giant extended middle finger to its customers.

  • Justin - Could use some more practice questions

    Clear and concise review of basic concepts for the PCAT. However it could use some more practice questions; for example, there are only 13 questions to review the 106 page section on general biology.

  • Kimberly Young - 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    I'm hoping there will be a part two because I really enjoyed wale and Keyisha love story . Also mix a little of jah jah and Lil jahrein love story

  • Brian - I was trying to restore the front bumper on a Jeep that looked like it had been sitting facing the direct sun for ...

    To be fair, I was trying to restore the front bumper on a Jeep that looked like it had been sitting facing the direct sun for years. This product didn't really to much of anything to the top of the bumper. It did however definitely make a difference on the front and lower portions of the bumper. In the end I just purchased a paint at my local Napa store that is made specifically for painting bumpers and it came out great. If you have something with minor oxidation, the product works fine, but for heavy oxidation, not so much.

  • T Tong - Wow! It got rid of my P0420 code

    This should be call the "Miracle Catalytic cleaner". I had the P0420 code for a long time. Mechanic tells me car will run fine with the code - but come near inspection time - I sent it into the shop. They replaced the catalytic converter and reset the code. However, around 1100 miles later, the stupid code came back. Then a friend introduced me to try this product. So I poured it at 1/4 tank on a 05 cadillac. I drove it for around 50 miles; at times revving the engine to get the RPMs up. I did not have to drive it too fast, highest was to 60s mph. Then I filled up the tank with supreme unleaded gas. Code was still there. Then when I filled the next tank after that, about 45 miles in - the code turned off.