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  • VANESSA GRECO - The Best

    I am a hairstylist and I've used many different relaxers. This is my favorite by far. I use it on my own hair. It leaves your hair in great shape and if you do leave it natural it doesn't ge that wierd wave with the straight ends. The only thing is I will not do this at home. I bring it into the salon I work in and have them do it for me. It is important to apply it quickly, follow the directions and know the type of hair you have to know the length of time to leave it on. If followed correctly your hair will look beautiful but as with any chemical process, if not done correctly, there will be problems. I highly recommend this product but bring it to a professional.

  • Cleveland Chick - Floors become progressively cleaner with every use-

    I was initially disappointed with this floor steamer, but now that I've perfected my technique of using it, I love it. In short -- and this could be a deal-breaker for some, but not for others: I have learned if you have dogs (like us) you will need to vacuum up the dog hair and chunks of mud that get tracked into the house before using the steamer. (My old plain-jane vacuum cleaner did this hard-floor vacuuming just fine, and my new Dyson vacuum does it even better, with a setting specifically for vacuuming hard floors.) Next, I have noticed that during the mopping with this Bissell steamer, when the floor is still damp, there will be very fine dirty-looking wipe marks left criss-crossing the floor (from the back-and-forth mopping motion.) I initially stressed about this, but have come to realize that when the floor dries, these disappear. Finally -- and this is why I LOVE this streamer: Sometimes to speed the drying (from about 3 minutes to instant) I bend down and wipe the section I just steamed with a clean, white rag. For the first six or seven uses, that wiping would bring up black. Now, after using the Bissell steamer for about a month, any wiping I do to speed-dry the floor brings up no dirt at all. Our lifestyle and dogs haven't suddenly become cleaner ... it's this steamer that's made our floors inherently cleaner.

  • jj0321 - Thumbs up

    Glides right through my hair and next thing I know I'm done! It's heats up quick and the curls come out great

  • Urban II - The analysis of the minor league players is great. I have been purchasing this book since 2006 ...

    The analysis of the minor league players is great. I have been purchasing this book since 2006 every year. It would be 5-star except they do not offer a spreadsheet of the players. I play in keeper leagues, so a spreadsheet would be much easier for sorting or players and doing analysis.

  • James M. - Too many hands taking a cut

    The designerd/owners said on national television that this gym could be purchased for $1299 and free shipping. Even at that price, it's a lot of $ to spend on exercise equipment. However, the blueprint on this machine is impressive. It is very well designed and it targets every muscle group with less stress on one's joints over weights and power bands. Would love to buy this machine at $995.99. Obviously I can't, soooo I'm out!!!