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  • ColoradoDreaming - Great mattress with a few tweaks...

    I purchased my Casper through their website directly. After sleeping on it for 6 weeks or so I felt I had had enough time to go through the 'adjustment' phase but was still experiencing a lot of tossing and turning. (Along with my dog, who couldn't seem to sleep through the night either.) In addition I would wake up some numbness in my arms and hands several times a night, I think due to the firmness of the mattress. I called Casper and they suggested the pillow topper for a softer feel. They sent this to me for the cost of shipping and offered to extend the trial period by one month as well. The difference with the topper is night and day for me. I also felt that I was sleeping 'hot' but after reading some other reviews, tried removing the mattress pad and haven't had any further problems. (Some mattress pads block any breathability and contribute, at least in my case, to being way to warm.) The mattress with the topper is unbelievably comfortable and sleeps somewhat closer to a coil spring mattress if that's the feel you're looking for. The customer service is incredible as well as the price.

  • Marty. (Kaneohe/Kahaluu) - wonderful excellent shipment but sorry bout the product

    sorry i have to admit that the macadamia nut shampoo and conditioner for some reason it has citrus ingredients in it and for some odd reason my hair hates citrusy ingredients..and didnt make my hair manageable..and not soft..i bought the leave in at trade secret and felt soooo hurt that it didnt work for my hair..i had to return it..its way tooooo heavy for my fine medium textured hair..i love your excellent customer services very very fast and very courteous excellent service..but i cannot buy this macadamia nut shampoo and conditioner no more..it didnt work for my hair..but i will continue to support the company here in amazon who i bought it from, and I love amazon.com also..very EXCELLENT Customer services thank you amazon and thank you for selling many awesome products.

  • Bob Crowell - This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results

    I was really hoping this would remove or at least improve the stains on my 15 year old roof. I applied as directed (pressure washer with extension and proper nozzle for solution application) and waited...and waited...and waited. It has been about 4 months and there really isn't any difference. The stains are the same as before the application.The directions do say it could take up to six months to work but I'm not confident that the additional time is going to change anything. I have enough product left for another application but with all the effort that's involved to apply the solution (I have high, steeply pitched rooflines to access) I don't know if it's worth the trouble. This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results. Also I have 3 gallons left that I may not use and can't return. The 30 day return policy on a product like this doesn't give you enough time to determine whether it's worked or not. Maybe this is just an isolated case but I had expected a better result.

  • Martin A. Sala - One of the Best Optics Books I've Found!

    One of the best general-purpose texts I've seen on optics; all the math and a lot of practical applications as well. If you are a not fluent in the science and math, this text is probably beyond you; if you use this stuff in your everyday life and can deal with physics-level math - EXCELLENT!

  • Charlotte Navarre - check writing

    my bank only supplies them when I re-order checks but I hardly ever write checks anymore. Everything is done online these days with cards