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What is SADS - Information for the family and relatives of a young person who has died of a sudden arrhythmic death (SADS)

  • http://www.sads.org.uk/about-sads/ About SADS - Information for the family and relatives of a young person who has died of a SADS (Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome)
  • http://www.sads.org.uk/heart-functions/ How the heart functions - How the heart functions. In order to understand why sudden death can happen, it helps to understand how the heart works. How the heart functions can be explained
  • http://www.sads.org.uk/causes-of-sads/ Cause of SADS - Conditions responsible for SADS cause a cardiac arrest by bringing on a disturbance in the heart's rhythm, even though there is no structural heart disease
  • http://www.sads.org.uk/family-implications/ Family Implications following a SADS death - Family implications following a sudden arrhythmic death (SADS). It is important that all blood relatives are tested for the same condition as the SADS victim
  • http://www.sads.org.uk/life-style-advice/ Lifestyle advice for those living with a heart condition - The majority of conditions that can cause sudden cardiac death appear to be worsened by exercise.
  • http://www.sads.org.uk/cardiac-tests/ Cardiac Tests - A medical examination (cardiac tests) may help to discover if there is an inheritable structural heart disease in the family.

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