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Sadler Health Center Corporation - The Sadler Health Center Corporation is a non-profit health center that provides medical and dental services to individuals on medical assistance or those that are uninsured with a low-income.

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  • Betty Joos - I use my check register often and never have enough--these work well

    I received my check registers in good time and good shape. They meet my needs--with some adaptation. The lines are a bit close together, but I can use them. Also, there is no place to bring forward your Balance from the previous page. But, again, I can adapt. The price was reasonable so I am glad that I have them when I get irritated because I have used up all my "provided" registers and have more things I want to note on the check register.

  • Ventura - Dog Smells of Fresh Cut Cedar

    Dog Smells of Fresh Cut Cedar. not 100% free of flees, but we are starting out light with the product after reading some doge were injesting it and having stomach problems. there has been ho negative affects.

  • Valentine - Son likes it and so do I!

    I love this clock so much. My son has Autism and we put it in his room as a reminder to stay in bed until it's time to get up. It's simple to program and my son loves the stoplight function. When the alarm is on, the light will go from red to yellow to green depending on how close it is to the alarm's time. It has an alarm sound that is a standard alarm buzz and volume-meaning it's rather loud and annoying. It can be run on batteries or plugged in to the wall, we leave it plugged in because I don't want to chance the batteries running out in it. It's all plastic which definitely concerned me at first as my son can be a little rough on things, but it's been in his room for months now and no problems. It's survived small falls onto carpet so I'm happy with that at least.