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  • Vilma - Amazing technology in tiny package!

    The small size actually takes getting used to in order to keep your fingertips from getting in front of the lens! Note: Editing software does NOT work with a Mac. Heresy!!!

  • Katie - Star Kaleidoscope.

    This product was not what I expected. I may not have read the product description very well, but I somehow thought this was a way to help us see stars near us through this fancy gadget. It's really cheap plastic and you cannot use it unless you're in a well lit room. It works kind of like a kaleidoscope. It was not near the high tech fancy gadget I thought it would be for whatever reason. It is confusing to use at first but it is pretty neat to learn about constellations and what you can see where. Just use it inside first or bring a flashlight. I do still really like it and occasionally when we have our inside campout I'll make my guy drag it out and we can pretend we're looking at stars. It's a great novelty.

  • carelin - excelente!

    son iguales a la fotografia y me tardaron en llegar 20 dias a venezuela!! no tuve ningun problema durante la compra y el envio de este producto..

  • Stephfush - Must Read

    This was a great read. It successfully continued book 1, and dwelved more into Gabriel's upbringing, highlighting the more human & vunerable side of Grabiel's father Ivan. I loved finding out that Ivan's weakness was Gabriel himself. He was so wicked, it was good to learn that he did indeed have a heart - even a small one. It was unfortunate the downward slide Briggy took a ride on, however gabe's new woman Valeria was a better fit. She was so strong, and such a fighter that it brought out Gabriel's strength and alpha side. It was a great read successfully incorporating bits and pieces of Dmitry, Anatoly and Vasily lives. Can't wait to read upcoming books on the Medlov's & honorary Medlov (Vasily) lives. I definitely recommend this series along with other books by this talented author.πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  • John E. - I would wait awhile before purchasing this, known design flaw with strap

    What ever you do, don't waste your time with this product at this time. I purchased the FitBit Flex and with in two weeks the band broke. I was not doing anything out of the ordinary then just wearing it. I did not stress it out in any way. come to find out from several other people that received the Flex (we did a group work program and we purchased the Flex to assist us in our personal goals), their wrist band broke at the same spot as mine. I contacted FitBit customer service asking for a replacement wrist band and it is now been over a month and I have still not received anything. Oh I've gotten a nice letter from one of the customer support managers telling me how important I am to them as a customer but yet I still have not received the replacement strap.

  • Bob Riley - and it works perfect! Thanks Foscam for great cusotmer service

    I had ordered several POE splitters from other companies that did't work with my camera. When I saw this one I contacted Foscam to verify it would fit my needs. Impressive, they contacted me back within an hour and told me it would work. Being the typical male that I am, I didn't read the instructions, I opened the box plugged it in, and it works perfect!