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Articles About Herpes - Oral or genital herpes results in painful blisters and sores covering certain spots or quite large areas of the body. It’s a transmitted disease that spreads q

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  • Amazon Customer - Very fun set! Requires focused

    Very fun set! Requires focused, hard work from your child that pays off--a nice way to spend the afternoon. Really happy with the sand, tools, and overall experience. The resulting skeleton could be a bit more displayable, but really pleased with this purchase.

  • Tom McDade - I originally found this product while on vacation, about ...

    I originally found this product while on vacation, about 500 miles from home, and it seemed to help my pet. Unfortunately, no retailer in my area carries it, so I ordered it (twice!) through Amazon. Both times I received a bottle which does not produce a mousse, just an oily mess. No amount of shaking the bottle will help, it just sprays out as a liquid. The liquid helps with my pet's itching, but the resulting oily fur is not worth the money.

  • Max Sherman - Useful but be careful

    The book is not entirely accurate for every model Fusion. For example, it says my model 2010 I4 engine has a power steering fluid reservoir. This is not the case since that model has EPAS and doesn't use power steering fluid.

  • tbromfield - the Program makes you feel energized!

    The program of the Belly Fat Cure will make you feel better and kick up your energy a notch! I started with Jorge's program and loved it! There are some great simple ways to change you eating habits that are delicious and so good for you! When I started on the plan I was using coffee too keep my engery levels up after being on the program I had so much bounce in my step I couldn't wait to go for a walk, run, dance class or just run around chasing my kids. As with any program it is eating and exercise that makes it work, some plans I have tried just make me lethargic and I can't even think of exercising... Jorge's was the opposite with each meal I felt better and better and now exercise is part of my day and not a chore (even if it is playing chase with my kids it is exercise!) and I have the energy to do it. Also, Jorge takes the time to realize that real people need real solutions and takes the time to incorporate good store product knowledge that helps all of us be healthier! A great way to kick off the new year!

  • William - Great price and product.

    Exactly what is says. I used these tablets in my pool chlorinator and they work great. Each tablet is individually wrapped and that helps to keep the odor down when being stored. The container has a great childproof lock. Great price.

  • Rafal Arciszewski - Beware of Oro Gold

    Oh my God, what sort of joke was that? Well, like the other reviewers I`ve been pulled in to the shop with the promise of giving me a new face ;) The consultant was very friendly and convincing. I had no idea what this guy wanted to really do with me. Initially I`ve been told that I am so handsome and where I bought my clothes from, blabla and my face looks fine except that I need few cosmetics from them ;) He started showing me their catalogue (you will not find this anywhere) with the products starting from £100 and finishing £1500. He than showed to me the other catalogue (can`t remember the name but this one would be also very difficult to find; I couldn`t find it even on their official website - Press zone) with the pictures of the famous stairs such as Madonna that supposedly uses Oro Gold. Finally he started to apply a lot of different products on my hands and face. I thought - god they are so expensive - why is he putting so much of this on a such small surface and than he`s wiping off over 80% of this? ..and like a pedlar trying to sell the s*** wrapped in a golden paper he started to ask about my girlfriend and if I could show the picture of her so he could based on that suggest the best products for her - what a crap?! I just couldn`t feel that I am on good hands in a professional beauty salon (like Channel or Lancome). All I could feel was a scam. Why those representatives are pursuing people on the street being insistent and forcing them to buy those "top products widely used by pop stairs"? Have you even seen Channel or Vichy high street representatives sneaking at 8:30pm like those Orogold stealthy sellers? Bad experience. ..and because of the way they`re promoting their cosmetics - suspicious and intrusive I just don`t care how good or bad that cosmetics are - I am not gonna buy them! Beware. Oro Gold violate the OFT rules! Read