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  • MiaAthena - Great product - have used for years.

    I have lived in my home for 22 years and have never had an issue with my septic system. I use this product as directed, once a month without fail.

  • Hannibal Hector - Good supplement to help you out.

    I have been taking this supplement in conjunction with other supplements and it seems to be helping me be more in tune and not as brain fogged as I had been feeling. Since this is not the only supplement I am on I cannot say that it truly is from this one alone but it isn't hurting and may be helping more than not taking something like this. I wish someday that I can just get natural supplements thru how I eat but in my current way of life that is improbable. I did receive this at a discount for giving my honest unbiased review. I would say based on other reviews and mine you should be able to come to the conclusion that this will improve your focus.

  • MilesAhead - Superb

    Alfred Lansing's Endurance: Shackelton's Incredible Voyage in on par with timeless classics such as Out of Africa and West with the Night in its storytelling, level of adventure, sense of place and time, emotional content... Lucid and vivid writing from Lansing. Tell everyone you know to get this book!

  • Blue Cat - Divine bars!!

    These are DIVINE!!!! Worth the extra expense... so delish!! I eat these for lunch at my work. Prior to these bars I was eating MuscleTech Mission1 prtine bars. Those tasted okay but they were a little hard to chew... FitJoy are SOFT and so so chewy and yummy in my tummy. LOL.

  • Donald B. Nauer - Works as stated. Fantastic

    Purchased this product from Costco since I heard it advertised on the radio and how well it works. I applied it per directions as to mix and mopped it to my composite deck that had mildew. After a late summer and fall season of rain, about 2-1/2 months worth, it cleaned to like new. I Also used it on vinyl siding with a garden sprayer. My north facing siding here in Huntley Ilinois is subjected to strong winds and had become extremely dirty. Again after 2-1/2 months it came out like new siding. Power washing is a no no as it will destroy the finish and this is why I used Wet and Forget. I can't understand the reported issues of not working since I have over three years of use in various applications, have found it to be a real time and money saver that has worked just fantastic for me.