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Rural/Metro Corporation - Ambulance Services, Emergency Ambulance, Fire Services, Community Fire, Wildland Fire - Rural/Metro Corporation is a leading provider of emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services, fire protection and other safety-related services to municipal, residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States.

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  • C. Crabtree - WONDERFUL!! Best sleep in ages!

    My husband and I have these Purple beds. We placed it on the base of our previous adjustable beds, and it works perfectly. We LOVE these beds. I am now able to sleep on my side without my hips or shoulders hurting and waking me up. They stay cool and never reflect back the heat like our previous Temperpedic beds did. Since you have a full 100 days to try it and if you don't like it, it is a full money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose. I wondered how they would handle that, but their website says that since it wouldn't be possible for you to repackage it in that original purple roll, they give you back your money and arrange for a charity in your local area to come pick up the bed. I HIGHLY recommend this bed. (And no, I don't work for the company, and I am not paid to say this! I just love the bed.) (Oh, by the way. If you happen to see some of the "self produced" people posting videos on You Tube telling you how to open and set up the bed, most I've seen are just plain BAD. First of all, it comes with INSTRUCTIONS. It has a special opener which slits the tube in about 2 seconds. Some people made it look impossibly hard to do. I am 72 and my husband is 66. We did these all by ourselves. Each Twin XL weighed 75lbs. We just used the handles and brought it into the bedroom. Lifted it onto the bed, and unrolled it. Simple. Don't be fooled by some of the videos on You Tube making it look hard or almost impossible.) (I am not a "verified purchaser" because I bought these twinXL directly from the company. But I really have no reason to lie about what I've said. Here is a portion of the email they sent me.

  • ITCS - The best brass polish

    This is the best brass polish I have ever used. It's way better than Brass-O and is not abrasive. The brass comes out looking almost silver. It stinks though, and you can't leave the lid off for long or it will all dry out and become useless. Wash your hands really well after using this stuff; it has a witch's brew of chemicals in it.

  • Carol Allen Anfinsen - Important Glimpses into Masonery and the Founders

    As a former Mormon, I found this fascinating. I was also a skeptic and hoped what I was reading was, indeed, authentic. The research was well done and there are thousands of footnotes. I can only hope that Thomas Horn is an honest man.

  • dustijb - element

    I have had my element 46" TV for almost a year now and it has been great, or should I say WAS great. The HDMI ports quit working and because it is under warranty I called customer service. They informed me that because it is under warranty that they would take care of the problem. I faxed a copy of my original receipt and they said they would get a technician to come to my house within 3 days. I was so pleased that the company was going to do the right thing and that it was so simple for me to get it taken care of. Of course it was all too good to be true. 2 weeks go by and I receive a phone call that they are having trouble finding a technician in my area . . . and they want to give me a "deal". I pay 45$ for the TV I already paid full price for, pack up this 46" giant thing, go without a TV for a few weeks and they will send me a refurbished one! How great. I pay more, go without, and get some old broken one that someone else had a problem with. What a deal. I paid full price for my new working TV. I understand that the warranty says that I must pay one way shipping for replacement; however the company is full of empty promises saying that they would fix it. Because of its size they said I qualified for someone to come to my house. How is it my fault that they cannot find someone? Maybe they shouldn't go around promising things they cannot deliver. Now I am stuck making up the difference? Because my product stopped working in less than a year? I will never buy another element product EVER again. I will also be sure to tell everyone I know.


    The manufacturer completely changed the formulation of this product AND lowered the amount of product that you get.