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Resumo Apostilas - A Resumo Apostilas é uma empresa especializada em materiais digitais para concursos públicos. Formada por uma equipe altamente especializada, a Resumo Apostilas produz instrumentos auxiliares voltados para sistematização do estudo e fixação dos conteúdos cobrados nas provas das principais bancas de concursos de todo o Brasil.

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  • Sandi - Sleazy Marketing Tactics

    Be aware folks that some of these 5 star ratings may be tainted by Flex Belt's marketing practices. When you buy one, you are encouraged to go to amazon and rate it 5 stars, and in return, you get free replacement gel pads. I'm not saying the belt doesn't work, the jury is still out for me. But when I go read reviews, I want to know that the reviews are honest and unbiased. These may not be, and for that, I give this product 1 star.

  • Future RN - It's better to take Eng 1102

    I decided to try to CLEP out of Eng 1102 instead of signing up for the class, big mistake. The study guide do not cover all the material that will be on the test. If your not familiar with literature from the 1800's to present(including poems, authors, short stories etc) it is best to just take the class instead because the chances of you passing the CLEP is very slim.

  • zach - Great Prep study book

    Great Prep study book. Comprehensive review that covers all likely areas of content that are to be on the test. Includes practice test questions with detailed answers that clearly explain how the answer was created. Includes many test taking strategies that even the most experienced test taker can learn from. Up-to-date test questions that really do help prep for the test. Easy to follow flow that helps take in the material. Keeps the material at the simplest level possible to ensure maximum understanding by all audiences.

  • Giso Schroeder - You cannot fail

    Over more than 10 years I really checked quite a few prep books for several tests (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GMAT...) - finally, I condensed to wide range to just two very similar approaches: Kaplan and Gruber. Both are similar in content and only slightly different in the strategy of preparation.

  • Gumball - Nice but awkward

    This unit works well as a waterpik but is very awkward to fill. The tank has a ridiculous top that is supposed to hold extra tips but in reality it is next to impossible to get this top off, when filling the tank, without spilling the tips. I would rate this 5 stars for operation but this tank is maddening. I wish they would just give us a plain top for the tank. I do not want to leave the top off entirely because I want the tank to be clean, so I struggle along with it. BAD DESIGN!!