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  • J. B. - Good volume but itchy..

    I think this is making my hair thicker volume wise but I'm still losing hair quite a bit and it also seems to aggravate my very mild psoriasis...like the volume but wouldn't mind losing the itchy skin.

  • Renee Rabideau - Great Dog House - and I have a big/destructive dog!

    I read the previous reviews AFTER ordering this dog house and was very worried about my purchase. But honestly I was shocked how WRONG a lot of the reviews were in my opinion.

  • BlackCoffee - Must Buy, But What Happened To Intuit?

    UPDATE: Dec 1, 2013- Well, I am still not convinced that the feature set justified the upgrade, and the program still worries me. I backup every couple of days in anticipation that I will lose my data file someday. Continuing problems. Every now and then, usually when I am doing a lot of transactions, the program will just decide to close. It appears to happen when I have several weeks of catch up to do. Nothing is lost, but I need to reopen the program and pickup where I left off. The graphics, as comment by others, appear to have been coded by an beginner. When you click on an account, the ledger windows shrinks to about 1" by 1", background colors flash, and eventually the register will open. Really poor graphics. Another problem that appears to be happening on downloads is that quicken thinks I have duplicate check numbers. I will accept a transaction for a check, then the next transaction, which is not a check and just a straight debit card charge, generates a dialog box saying I have duplicate check numbers and if that is not the case, just accept the transaction. Don't know what is happening here, but it appears the program is confused. It is not my Bank! This just started with Quicken 2014, and my bank is extremely tech literate. If quicken doesn't up their game, current online banking services will replace them. My bank will already project pending and scheduled transactions against future balances.

  • Amazon Customer - Like Zumba

    Love it. The kids at work get more exercise when I show up then they do all week. If you want cardio and fun this is like a zumba class

  • Nancy Famolari - Holmes and Watson Search for a Stolen Secret Weapon

    It’s a busy time at 221B Baker Street. First Lucy James, Holmes daughter from a brief affair, comes to the flat with a newspaper telling of the death of a banker who was involved in a German assassination plot. Holmes foiled the plot, but now the banker has been murdered.

  • Dr. DMT - Kindle version not easy to read! Too small

    I bought the kindle version. It's really hard to read too small it's like the exact replica of the book I just wish they formatted it for kindle reading like secrets step 1. The first aid 2015 you have to keep on zooming , scroll left right each section .


    I did order this drink recommended to me to try by a doctor, BUT I did not find any more results than I did from taking the glucosomine/chondrotin tablets that I had been taking for years. I also ordered the powder mix and have taken the supplement for 2 months.