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Recordati Rare Diseases - Focused on the Few - Recordati Rare Diseases develops high-impact therapies for devastating rare diseases. At Recordati, we focus on the few - those affected by rare diseases.

  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/about-us/ About Us - Recordati Rare Diseases - Recordati Rare Diseases is a biopharmaceutical company committed to providing often overlooked orphan therapies to the underserved rare disease communities.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/about-us/u-s-management-team/ U.S. Management Team - Recordati Rare Diseases - Our team includes leaders with vast experience in healthcare, including the rare disease space, and is committed to improving the lives of patients.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/about-us/the-recordati-group/ The Recordati Group - Recordati Rare Diseases - Headquartered in Milan, Italy, the Recordati Group owns Recordati S.p.A., Orphan Europe and Recordati Rare Diseases in addition to other companies.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/about-us/patient-advocacy-at-rrd/ Patient Advocacy at RRD - Recordati Rare Diseases - Our mission is to reduce the impact of extremely rare and devastating diseases by providing urgently needed therapies.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/products/ Products - Recordati Rare Diseases - Recordati Rare Diseases has a robust portfolio of therapies including Carbaglu, Panhematin, NeoProfen and more.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/products/neoprofen-ibuprofen-lysine-injection/ NeoProfen® (Ibuprofen lysine) - Recordati Rare Diseases - NeoProfen (ibuprofen lysine) Injection is a prescription medication used to close a sufficiently concerning patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/support/ Support - Recordati Rare Diseases - Recordati Rare Diseases works side-by-side with rare disease communities in the United States to increase awareness and improve diagnosis.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/support/patient-support-programs/ Patient Support Programs - Recordati Rare Diseases - We are committed to increasing the availability of treatments for people with rare diseases so we offer help through our Patient Support Programs.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/support/resources-for-rare-diseases/ Resources for Rare Diseases - Recordati Rare Diseases - We have ongoing partnerships with several advocacy groups that provide educational resources and support research to help people affected by rare diseases.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/partnering/ Partnering - Recordati Rare Diseases - We specialize in inborn errors of metabolism and pediatrics, with a commercial focus within the hospital setting. We are proven industry partners.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/news-events/ News & Events - Recordati Rare Diseases - Keep up to date with Recordati Rare Diseases. We post all current news stories and upcoming events.
  • http://www.recordatirarediseases.com/careers/ Careers - Recordati Rare Diseases - Our experienced team provides personalized, hands-on support to reduce the impact of rare diseases. We seek people with a passion for overcoming challenges.
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  • Fastphoto - Will not work properly

    First I installed NXT in a Windows 8.1 Pro Computer and everything appeared to work. I purchase about 8 Audio Books a month and record them on one of my computers. So I did try to record one of my audio books using my Windows 8.1 Pro computer BUT after about 3 to 5 minutes it stopped responding. As there was no rush I waited until the next day and a reboot I tried again with the same results.

  • Lisa Phillips - Sensitive Skin

    Although I have sensitive skin, I found this product worked very well without any redness or sensitivity. It removed the coarse hairs on my upper lip and chin that I have had to pluck or shave before now. I am impressed that a product actually does what it says it will! Thank you, Olay! I am recommending this to all my friends, bringing mustaches and chin hairs out of the closet!

  • D. Vogel - Best yet!

    A premium helmet that I got at a good price. This replaced a Giro Ionos after a terrible crash. I got busted up pretty bad, but I could have been killed or worse without my Giro....so what price do you put on that? Wow...I thought my Ionos was light...this is like a feather and more comfortable. RocLoc 5 is micro adjustable and fantastc ventilation. A cheaper one could have saved me, but if you have the cash, this could be the ultimate. Been using Giro for 20+ years through 4 models....all good and I won't switch.

  • patricia g ferguson - IT REALLY WORKS!

    I used this on the cement floor when we took up the padding and carpet and neutralized the bare floor before putting down vinyl flooring. We followed the directions of cleaning the floor then spraying the cat urine areas 'til wet then covering with plastic drop cloths. We let it stand almost 48 hrs. and it took all odor away. We then rinsed the floor. I also used it on a very dense medium sized nylon carpet that I took outside to clean. I first high power sprayed it with the hose, then scrubbed it with detergent and a scrub brush on both sides, then rinsed it thoroughly with the hose. When it dried, it still stank. I then placed a shower curtain under it and poured URINE OFF on the affected areas, then wrapped the shower curtain around to cover the area & I anchored it in place, leaving it for 24 hrs. then hosed it off and when it dried it smelled fresh with no trace of urine odor. This produce really works and I will buy more in the future if/when I need more.

  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Don't Buy It!

    After reading all the glowing reviews for this product, I decided to buy it. Never being a smoker, nor drinking/eating many staining foods (soda, wine, etc.) I was hoping that this would create a brilliant white effect. After first use, I was impressed by how smooth and clean my teeth felt (just like at the dentist--and true to other reviews), but that's where the impression stopped. I've used it twice daily for a month now and cannot tell that my teeth have whitened whatsoever. I should have saved my money and bought strips instead! You should do likewise.