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Home - Rainbow Hair Colour - Discover how to create attention grabbing rainbow hair. 'Any Colour of the Rainbow' guide book by Anya Goy, Sassoon trained hair stylist. Covers permanent bright rainbow hair!

  • https://www.rainbowhaircolour.com/5-minutes-with-alyssa-wiener/ 5 minutes with Alyssa Wiener... The Lisa Frank Hair Queen. - Rainbow Hair Colour - If you’re a fan of rainbow hair, chances are you’ve seen the work of Alyssa Wiener, who has over 60K followers on Instagram! Today Alyssa shares her story..

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  • Mandy Chapmon - The fox box is best box for the dodge by far running 2 12inch ...

    The fox box is best box for the dodge by far running 2 12inch digital designs on a Rockford 1000.1 people are amazed with the system for a box that is under the seat. As for customer service they are very helpful and if I remember correctly the owner himself will respond to the e-mails highly recommend this box. Fox Acoustics great product

  • A. Clarke - Quality build, but not reliable.

    I really really wanted to like this product, it is very well built, but the design isn't practical. It is VERY hard to light! I have a hobby of cool lighters and have used many, so this hand warmer, though not really necessary for me, seemed cool to have. Well, using Zippos premium fuel, and a zippo lighter, I've actual only got the warmer to stay lighted twice. Very disappointed... However, both times it did light, it stayed warm for hours, as advertised.

  • Sarah - Disappointing Issues

    I purchased this UPPAbaby stroller in Fall 2013 in order to have something lightweight and easy to store in our SUV. I have owned a BOB Revolution CE Duallie, a Graco Quattro and a MacClaren Triumph, and I recently purchased a BOB Revolution CE Single. I have 3 boys ages 9, 6 and 20 months. Suffice it to say I have a lot of experience with baby products. I used a similar MacClaren stroller for my older two boys. That stroller had been through a lot of use in and around Chicago and so I felt like it was time to update and purchase a new, similar, portable stroller. I have been using the UPPAbaby for several months now and it is a big disappointment. It is interesting to note that I ran into another mom using the UPPAbaby and she also expressed her dissatisfaction with the stroller! She had some of the exact same complaints.

  • Lilla Sweatt - I enjoyed this book immensely

    I enjoyed this book immensely. The author had a fast-paced narrative with well defined and well developed characters. The bad guys were villainous including the "governor." The good guys were real with problems; but yet, they were not saccharin. I look forward to part II.

  • Armine - Absolutely love this product

    Absolutely love this product. I use it everyday on my 10 month old baby. She has sensitive skin , and even with frequent diaper changes she would still have minor redness in the diaper area. After using this product she hasn't had any redness or diaper rash at all. On rare cases when she gets a diaper rash it only takes one or two applications of this cream and her rash goes away overnight. I have used other Organic and Natural brand calendula products one of the most recent one being California Baby Calendula and it was such a waste of money compared to this.

  • The BW - Was great till I needed help

    This comes with one support chat session. For the first time in my 64 years, I decided I did need a little help, so I clicked on the Ask A Question, and that's when the problems began.

  • angelagail - Works!!!!!

    I have been trying for two years to get my eyebrow to grow uot from the thin way they were. Used.to be the style. But at my age, i want fuller thicker eyebrows. And I've been using it on my short eyelashes.