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Quentin Huys - Computational Psychiatry - Dr. Quentin Huys PhD MBBS MBPsS. Research on computational psychiatry, population coding, single neuron computation and Bayesian inference in the brain.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • Jason Ellenburg - Performed exactly as advertised

    To preface this, I will state that it is not good to upset anyone in the military supply network. This is especially true for a supply NCO (non-commissioned officer) who can be both creative and vindictive to those who earn his ire.

  • Michael C. - A twist too far!

    I really enjoyed the book and got into the characters, I cared whether they lived or died, but I felt that the admiral being the reason for the war was an unnecessary and somewhat unbelievable twist.

  • Veronica A. DeVito - Mil2wild ten star review

    Installed the mild2wild in my 2012 corvette and love it great product 5 minute install, comes with great directions, works great, I would recommend this to everyone, just another cherry on top , worth every penny