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  • K. L. Lawrence - This Girl's Lips Are On Fire

    I love NYX and most of their products. I bought this off the recommendation for a drugstore priced lip plumper that's easy on your wallet but gives the same look and feel as some of the pricier brands.

  • averyclevergirl - Just another predictable love story/almost forensic

    Save your reading time. The author doesn't get into police work or forensics. If you like rich hero's chasing after their girl, this book is for you.

  • C. Oye - It is what is expected

    We bought the 2010 version for our kids. It is interesting and has pictures galore to entertain our second grade son. Who wouldn't want to know who has the longest finger nails and who the tallest person in the world is?

  • F. R. Bernard - Once gain, Optimum Nutrition RUINED an almost perfect product

    For the second time, Optimum Nutrition opted to ruin something good, why ON?? First was the natural vanilla version, which I was a loyal buyer, but then they removed the Aminogen, an enzyme that would help digest the protein (something good). Because of that, I switched to the regular Vanilla Ice Cream version (which has artificial flavors added) but had no Sucralose and the Aminogen was still included. AND NOW, for this regular Vanilla Ice Cream version they added a new label that states NEW and IMPROVED taste, which MEANS: ADDED SUCRALOSE and REMOVED Aminogen, not to mention it tastes HORRIBLE (highly sweetened and artificial disgusting taste as hell). So they managed to ADD something bad (sucralose) and to take away something good (aminogen). Thank you ON, you just lost another loyal customer.

  • sreenivasulu basabathina - I feel like I am still on clouds

    I got my jeep a month back, I feel like I am still on clouds! I always wanted a jeep, I got 2016 Jeep wrangler unlimited with softtop. It is lot of fun in taking the top on and off. I am more connected to the nature now, since almost 1 month I am not using AC in it.