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Pure Healing Foods - PureHealingFoods.com helps you thrive by bringing together natures most powerful healing foods at the best prices to make it easy for you to get all the proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace minerals, pigments, essential fatty acids, that you need to be well.

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  • Dr.Mike - hair hair hair

    Just like my review of the the vinegar nutritive rinse. this product has slowed the natural thinning that comes with age. I've used it for 3 years now and my hairdresser remarked that my hair was looking healthy and thicker over the long term.

  • F. Li - Very nifty product

    Initially I bought this to fix a few vinyl/plastic model figures that were purchased from a yard sale. One of my friends introduced me to this product and well, I was skeptical at first. But, this thing really does what it says. It does bond very well and cures well on almost everything I've tried it on so far (I've plugged leaks, made rubber grips on some plastic tools and various other things).

  • Softball3 - Worst TV I've ever owned

    We purchased our Seiki television through Sears. We decided to get a larger tv to fit the newly redecorated living room. After going through the set up process, I noticed that certain major network channels would periodically go black. The remote only worked if you were standing right in front of it, and the recall button didn't work whatsoever, not to mention when you inputed a channel number you never knew which one it would take you to. As time went on this became more and more frequent. Finally we decided to bring it back and exchange it for another tv of the same model, as we were assured this was a random factory defect. Once we lugged the new tv downstairs and went through the set up process again, the EXACT same issues occurred. Needless to say the tv is the biggest piece of crap we've ever owned, and we will never purchase anything Seiki again, and will advise anyone else to do the same. Would rate zero stars if I could.

  • Busch97 - Garbage!

    I've owned this item for a year now, used it maybe 20 times using the instructions/recipes included, and have yet to produce anything remotely edible from it. It consists of a small heating element and a fan that blows the warm air around; there definitely is no "heating the food from the inside out", it barely gets the outside warm. I have to cook items two or more times as long as a conventional oven to heat up food to the point it even registers on a meat thermometer. Complete garbage (which is where this item now resides).

  • WhatThe... - Don't do this!!!!

    As a joke I had one of the little plastic men say, "I guess you missed the bomb!" and the plastic airport police took him away. I haven't seen him since that time and it's been 3 days!!! I'm upset, there plastic guys don't handle jokes very well!!! Maybe the product is TOO realistic!!!

  • Christie Dull - Bibble Study

    I recently downloaded this to my computer. It is a newer version than the one I use for Bible study, and having it on my laptop for Bible study group is superior when looking up footnotes and changing chapters much faster.

  • MS Acctg - Very helpful

    There are a lot of easy to understand and helpful tips. I feel that I am better prepared to take the ACT.