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Home - Pueblo Community Health Center - Pueblo Community Health Center provides many services. In addition to high quality primary care, PCHC is able to provide pediatric immunizations, colonoscopy screenings, mammograms, and pap smears at NO COST if you are uninsured.

  • http://www.pueblochc.org/contact Contact Us - Pueblo Community Health Center - Pueblo Community Health Care - We provide integrated health care services to those in need and take a "whole person" approach. This means providing access to mental health and dental services in addition to primary care.
  • http://www.pueblochc.org/patient-information Patient Information - Pueblo Community Health Center - We’re glad you are interested in joining Pueblo Community Health Center! Our services are top quality, whether you need a routine physical exam, prenatal care, one-on-one help managing your diabetes or depression, or any other service we provide. We also have several special population programs here at PCHC. We are here to help YOU!
  • http://www.pueblochc.org/patient-information/billing-information Billing Information - Pueblo Community Health Center - As a courtesy, Pueblo Community Health Center will gladly submit your claim to your insurance company for you. The patient’s insurance information and card must be submitted at the time of service.
  • http://www.pueblochc.org/patient-information/patient-advocate Patient Advocate - Pueblo Community Health Center - Pueblo Community Health Center ensures that our patients are to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.You Have the Right to expect quality care and reasonable access to primary health care.We never turn away a patient based on ability to pay for services. Caring for the community is what we do.
  • http://www.pueblochc.org/patient-information/patient-rights Patient Rights - Pueblo Community Health Center - We never turn away a patient based on ability to pay for services. Caring for the community is what we do.

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  • grandam - Amberen

    I have been taking amberen for almost 3 months. I had a full hysterectomy. I think it is working pretty well. I sleep very good at night. I still have a couple of hotflashes during the day and 1 night sweat at night. It does nothing for vaginal dryness just so you know. So, you will need to get something from your doctor for that. I don't see where it helps with weight loss. I feel hungrier. I don't have any fogginess during the day or night. So in my opinion it has it good and bad points. The best is that I am no longer on chemical hormone replacement therapy. I can function day to day with the occasional hot flash and night sweat. Some days more hotflashes than others but extremely more managable. I have not had any allergic reactions as some people have had. I did experience some joint soreness in the beginning and they said that was normal. My nails do not grow as fast so I suggest making sure to take viatamins for that. Emotionally I feel great. 

  • JOEY - Formula Change!!!!

    We have taken this for years and it has always been amazing. Recently we got a batch from Amazon LOT # 1641 it is like powder / calcium included type consistency.

  • Kirk - Good Backup...Poor Interface

    It does the job. I trust it, and after digging into it a bit, I got my backups configured the way I want. But the interface is large pain. They could have done much better making this easier for the average home user to understand.

  • Laura Stewart - Still Great and Relevant 10 Years Later!

    This one's been on my "to read" list for years until I finally got around to it recently. I always wanted to know what differentiated a truly great company from the also-rans. The book is incredibly well researched and details what makes a great leader, for example. Surprisingly the "Level 5" leaders were the lower key executives - not at all like Steve Jobs. These CEO's also placed a premium on getting the "right people on the bus" and found ways to keep them motivated so they'd stay at the company. Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways for me was how to create a culture of discipline - which frees you and your employees up - creates less bureaucracy and increases your competitive edge.

  • jazzyj - The best!

    Not to be gross but I have had a real issue with fissures, little hemroids and itch. This is the best thing ever. I have tried everthing...but this is the only thing I have used that has worked.

  • cheapskate - gotta work for it!

    This has definitely slowed the hair growth down, but you can't be lazy. You have to be committed to this procedure or it won't do squat!

  • Edward G. - best diet results ever

    I did my first 30 day program and wasnt 100% strict with it because I work shift work and it is hard to keep the same routine.I lost almost 16 inches and 27 pounds without even trying.I only did 2 cleanse days and they were easy as well.Most of the products take some getting used to. The taste is something that is what I mean by that.Once you get used to it it all taste good.I have only had 1 really hungry day in 5 weeks and I down 31 pounds and over 20 inches.I will stay on Isagenix even after I reach my 50 pound gaol.I have never had more energy in my life.I would highly recomend the 30 day program to anyone who has diet issues in the past.This stuff really works.