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    Having read all of the prior reviews of this record - and having agreed with the majority - there is very little that I can add that hasn't already been said. This is a superb recording by one of the most forward-thinking bands performing today. For those of you who have yet to experience MA "live"...please, do yourself a favor the next time they are in your town. I have been a Massive Attack fan from the beginning, and have enjoyed all of their records.... but seeing them in concert came close to changing my life! At the very least, it changed my concept of live performance. Finally....resist the impulse to compare Blue Lines to either Protection or Mezzanine (also a masterpiece! ). Massive Attack understand what too few artists today comprehend - that music is an evolution - and each record is simply a chapter on that road. Buy them all - love them all!

  • MizzB - You are what you eat

    Excellent book for putting into practice the Hippocratic advice of letting one's food be one's medicine.

  • Anna R - Great Study Guide

    I got this book for my son who is a freshman right now. He plans on joining the military and wanted to get a head start on studying for the test. This book has a lot of information and subjects that my son doesn't know a whole lot about such as Automotive, Mechanical and Shop. He has not put the book down since he has gotten it. I have gone through the book myself and ready some of the questions and they are easy to understand. They are not trick questions. It covers a lot of information and has several practice tests. My father was in the Air Force and he looked at this book and said that there is information in here that wasn't covered when he joined. I have talked to a few family members who have taken the ASVAB and said this book would have helped them a lot more if they had used it to study. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to join the military. This will help you prepare for the test. I received this book free or at a discounted price.

  • Jayhawks1 - SWEET looking case

    I Love this case! The shade of pink is similar to Pepto pink which is exactly what I was looking for as I didn't want a light shade of pink or one that was neon & too flashy. Case looks futuristic & on my iPhone 6 Plus the cut outs in the back look sweet in my opinion with the gold backing shining thru plus none of the writing on the back is visible like it might be on the smaller iPhone 6. The case feels good in my hand & doesn't seem to add much bulk or weight. I would highly recommend this UAG case to anyone, it's uniqueness & overall protection is a winner in my book.

  • Kaitlin Cooke - So far....? WOW!

    I started using this last night, and the difference in my stretch marks over night are amazing. I got stretch marks from rapid weight gain, but now theyre going away just like my weight. Ill be back to normal in no time!

  • T. New - a simple and practickal guide

    a simple but truthful methodology on magickal spells a how to do spells of money,health, love as well as binding spells yet this booklet gives a much broader explainable or guide rules to the moon phase and how to use each phase for magickal purpose, a great guide to new comers.

  • Platinum - Not very happy wih this contraption

    Perhaps my expectations were much higher than what I got. To me this is nothing but an expensive, glorified light show, it works ok as a hand warmer, but it's very hard to use on other areas such as the neck, the back or even the knees, because of is shape. Although it does work ok on big muscle areas, as long as you can hold it with your hands... and it's not warm enough for some areas of the body either. I'm disappointed that I bought into the hype.