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  • Angelo Giambra - Acronis Fails The Test

    I am a retired software engineer. At work we used to use Acronis and so I purchased True Image 2016 recently for my home PC (Windows 10). I have since removed it. Why?

  • NMB3R - I Recommend Powder for Long Term

    I have tried all the antibiotics used to treat UTIs (Bactrim, Macrobid, Cipro...) but none of them ever worked for me. The symptoms would go away for the time being, while I was taking the pills, but immediately came back afterwards. I struggled with this for about a year before trying D-Mannose pills. These are very good for fast relief (within 12 hours) and they worked well for me for quite a while (which is why I give this 5 stars), but as time went on, I noticed that I needed about 3 per day to keep my symptoms away. Also, if I missed a day of taking the pills, I would have symptoms the very next day. I just switched over to D-Mannose powder (and I provided the link below) and it is AMAZING. The first day after taking this, you can really tell that the UTI is gone and the effects last for days. I will continue taking this powder daily. I highly recommend it for those who are tired of turning to antibiotics to cure them.

  • Samuel Roberts - 2024 Explorer

    This fits like a glove in the back of my explorer. Unroll it in the sun for it to flatten out upon receiving it. Fits perfectly in my 2014 Explorer.

  • Phantasmagoria - Improved graphics and sound

    The ridiculous rhythms offered up in the latest Just Dance can be a challenge on harder settings. The Wii U pad is used to DJ the session allowing switching of songs midway etc. You do need Wii Remotes to play this game at all as they are the only method of control. The songlist is decidedly up to date with many current chart toppers that will appeal to the tween and teen set. There aren't enough old school disco type jams for my taste but the songs are aimed at appealing to the games demographic most. There is a free DLC of Katy Perry's Roar moves. The sound is great through a home theater set up and the graphics look extra sharp and vibrant on the Wii U. These games could use a makeover but for now it will please the dance game fanatic in your house.

  • Mr and Mrs R - Never fails!

    I am a firm believe in Garcinia Cambogia. I've useen it for a while now and not only has my energy been renewed, but what I call "brain fog" is gone as well. I've never been a big eater, so that control part was never a issue with me. It does however, help with those monthly cravings all us women get at one time or another.