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  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/legislativo-e-sindicato-rural-reivindicam-patrocinios-para-festa-da-ovelha/ Legislativo e Sindicato Rural reivindicam patrocínios para Festa da Ovelha - Blog PinheirOnline - A comitiva pinheirense formada entre o Poder Legislativo e o Sindicato Rural de Pinheiro Machado segue firme nas buscas de patrocínios e apoios para a real
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/lions-de-pinheiro-machado-participou-de-encontro-em-piratini/ Lions de Pinheiro Machado participou de encontro em Piratini - Blog PinheirOnline - Uma extensa agenda organizada pelos clubes de Lions de Piratini e Pinheiro Machado foi realizada na Quinta, 20, em Piratini. Na oportunidade, a governadora
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/17a-lida-campeira-acontece-no-parque-charrua/ 17ª Lida Campeira acontece no Parque Charrua - Blog PinheirOnline - Nos dias 03 e 04 de Novembro, acontece mais uma edição da Lida Campeira em Pinheiro Machado. Em 2016, o evento que alcança a sua 17ª edição acontece nas de
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/confira-as-novidades-na-otica-bilharva/ Confira as novidades na Ótica Bilharva - Blog PinheirOnline - Os óculos multifocais apresentam a combinação de dois óculos juntos. Ou seja, o de longe -miopia ou hipermetropia com ou sem astigmatismo - e o de perto -
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/lanzelottis-photography/ Super Promoção Lanzelotti's Photography - Blog PinheirOnline -   Agora contamos com uma super promoção por tempo limitado! Na compra dos pacotes disponíveis, voce ganha um bônus de 5 fotos adicionais sem custo alg
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/dia-do-pao-no-super-raupp/ Dia do Pão no Super Raupp - Blog PinheirOnline - CONFIRA AS OFERTAS DO DIA DO PÃO DO SUPER RAUPP: CACETINHO - 4,29 KG QUEIJO FATIADO 100G - 2,50 PRESUNTO FATIADO 100G - 1,65 LEITE POMERANO 1L - 2,29 CAFÉ
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/previa_pinheiro/mw-lancheria-tem-o-melhor-preco-e/ Agora com ambiente amplo e muitas delícias para você - Blog PinheirOnline - Na MW Lancheria você conta com um cardápio variado e delicioso incluindo lanches, pizzas crepes e muito mais.  O novo tempero que está conquistando os pinh
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/amistoso-contratou-oito-novas-atletas-para-disputa-do-2o-gauchao-da-equipe/ Amistoso contratou oito novas atletas para a disputa do 2º Gauchão da equipe - Blog PinheirOnline - No último Domingo, 23, a Associação Esportiva João Emílio, realizou mais um amistoso nas dependências do campo do Bairro em Candiota. Na oportunidade, o ti
  • http://www.pinheiroonline.com.br/aula-pratica-de-circuitos-eletricos-foi-ministrada-para-alunos-do-ensino-medio/ Aula prática de circuitos elétricos foi ministrada para alunos do Ensino Médio - Blog PinheirOnline - Visando ampliar o conhecimento dos alunos do Ensino Médio do Colégio Estadual General Hipólito Ribeiro, na área prática do ensino da disciplina de física,

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  • Jesus - Works, but like the rest say, only works on muscles

    I purchased this due to a commercial I saw that displayed a similar product. This works as described, but works less if you have some...fluff. The electric pulses are designed to do what the Slendertone says it does. Tone muscles. It won't melt the fat away. I purchased it with the blind vision of thinking that because it "replaces" sit ups and crunches. It only knocks out the toning part. You still have to lose the fat. Unfortunately for this product review, I'm a husky guy.

  • mom from cleveland - Buy it!!!!

    This is a flawlessly illustrated version of Aesop's most popular fables. There are barely any bookstores anymore-But the local Barnes and Noble, as well as the closing Borders-didn't have anything nearly as nice on their shelves. I could go on and on.. But in summary-ALL children should be exposed to Aesop's fables-If not at home, then in school. I think our society has lost interest in basic morality and many of these fables relate to the way we should all treat others. The pictures are so eye-catching, that even the most movement-prone 6 year old I know- sat still and paid attention. A beautiful book-A deal, at $9.95, and a keepsake!

  • John and Tina - Sophisticated wallet and phone case

    The phone has become part of our lives. It is carried everywhere just like our wallets, money, and credit cards. The Spigen® Premium Wallet Case with STAND Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2016) combines a phone case and wallet into one. The wallet and case are both black. It has a magnetic closure, three card slots, and a vertical slot for money. The wallet does have a pop of red color on the third card slot. Even though it is synthetic leather, it looks like real leather. It has all the appropriate slots for the camera, microphone, speaker and charging port. It also folds to be a stand.

  • S. Fontaine - Amazed

    I own a 20-year-old yellow vinyl-sided two-story home on 2 acres in "the country" in the midwest. After 2 years in the home, the north wall of the home (which is partially shaded by large willow trees) was covered in a hideous green mold, and I needed to do something about it.

  • Edward Sierra - Rocksmith Rocks!

    My son loves it! He has taken guitar lessons for 2 years! Since Christmas he had learned more than that with Rocksmith!

  • AprilJo - Fun for all ages

    My 9 year old is who requested this, but it has quickly become a favorite for even us, her parents. We love to have dance-offs with her. I appreciate that the movements are not too adult in nature, and the variety in dance grooves appeal to all of our taste-buds...from modern to old school.