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Integrative Medicine Doctor and Practitioner | Philadelphia - At Integrative Medicine Philadelphia, We provide clinical expertise using a combination of conventional and evidence-based alternative and holistic medicine

  • https://www.philly-im.com/philadelphia-integrative-medicine/ Integrative Health Clinic | Philadelphia Integrative Medicine - At Philadelphia Integrative Medicine health clinic we provide the combination of the best of conventional and alternative medicine to inspire and give you a better life.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/integrative-medicine-physician-tetlow/ Integrative Medicine Physician & Holistic Practitioner - Doctor Tetlow - Georgia Tetlow -MD | Only Board certified in Physician in the area | Integrative medicine physician | Clinical Assistant Professor - Rehabilitation Medicine
  • https://www.philly-im.com/integrative-medicine-practitioner-lauren-houser/  Integrative Medicine Practitioner  - Dr Lauren Houser - Integrative Medicine Practitioner | Seven year integrative experience in family medicine | Former Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at T.J University Hospitals
  • https://www.philly-im.com/dr-tetlow-testimonials/ Testimonials - Philadelphia - After one visit with Dr. Tetlow, I had tangible things I could do to improve my health. | Dr. Tetlow modeled for me multiple aspects of integrative medicine
  • https://www.philly-im.com/appointments/ Appointments | Philadelphia Integrative Medicine and physician - Intrigued by our Advanced Integrative Medicine approach and ready to take the next step to the appointments? FREE 20 MINUTE INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONSULT
  • https://www.philly-im.com/integrative-medicine-free-consultation/ Integrative Medicine Free Consultation - Philadelphia - Enjoy a 20-minute in-person free consultation with Lauren Houser, CRNP or Dr. Tetlow to help see your next step. Just Call Us at (888) 702-7974 ext 2.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/integrative-fertility/ Integrative Fertility Program - Philadelphia Integrative Fertility Program is designed to support all women and men who seek to achieve pregnancy, plus those already incorporating conventional infertility treatments
  • https://www.philly-im.com/impact-genetics/ Impact Your Genetics - Philadelphia - Through the Impact Your Genetics program, Dr. Tetlow interprets your raw genetic data and makes it an essential aspect of your treatment plan.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/treatment-plans-you-can-expect/ Treatment Plans you can expect - Philadelphia - Treatment plans - Dietary Changes | Herbal Remedies | Prescription Medication | Specific Exercise Recommendation | Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation
  • https://www.philly-im.com/intensive-clinical-mentorship/ Intensive Clinical Mentorship - Philadelphia - Design your practice around your patients and your own quality of life through onsite clinical mentorship to establish a healthy integrative practice
  • https://www.philly-im.com/holistic-medicine-blog/ Holistic Medicine blog | In and outs of Integrative Medicine - All you need to know about the Holistic medicine, integrative medicine, alternative medicine, the recent research going on in this field.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/increase-fiber-to-lose-weight/ Increase Fiber to Lose Weight! An Integrative Approach to Weight Loss - Philadelphia - Beneficial gut bacteria feed on fiber and eliminate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the form of short-chain fatty acids (SFCAs). SFCAs are particularly important in protecting your body from obesity, particularly because your body is able to uptake the most bioavailable forms of nutrients and minerals through SCFAs.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/methylation/ Optimizing Methylation for Wellness - Philadelphia - I’d like to explore an exciting topic in integrative and functional medicine that influences our total well being- how we feel, how we age and how we look. This important process is called methylation.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/fibromyalgia-syndrome-look-chronic-pain-syndrome/ Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Look at Chronic Pain Syndrome - Philadelphia - This chronic pain syndrome is significantly misunderstood and under-researched even though the number of people suffering from this debilitating condition increases each year.
  • https://www.philly-im.com/preventing-treating-depression-diet/ Preventing and Treating Depression with Diet - Philadelphia - Is there a way to prevent and treat depression with a non-invasive, integrative approach?

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