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  • Luis S. - Pretty cool! assembly instructions next to useless so got to be creative

    Its pretty cool... Assembly is... well not very straight forward and instructions are next to... useless... but if you like legos and a challenge its not impossible, and a good home depot or lowes near by would help a lot in case you need "extras" (mine had a piece missing to stabilize the front wheel and purchased some nuts and washers to hold it together... so far so good....

  • NICOLA G. - This is my go to hair brand. When I ...

    This is my go to hair brand. When I take these consistently my hair was growing about 1-2 inches per month. I just bought a 6 month supply for me and my daughters.

  • Danielle - Life Changing !

    It's a 10 products have forever changed my hairs health! I use this miracle leave-in product after I shower. Some people say you are not supposed to brush your hair while its still wet, but if I do not then when it dries I am a beast from the east with a birds nest on top of my head!!

  • Dr. Kim Henry - Worst customer support in the industry

    I had been running Quicken 2002 Basic for accounts payable in my dental practice. I thought converting to Quickbooks would make it easier for my accountant to receive my reports by e-mail. I also wanted payroll calculation that the program promised.

  • Dolphin - Relax BItdefender is on board

    This is the 5th year that we have used Bitdefender's Security system and find it to be the best software on the market. Detailed in job it performs yet easy to use and understand. It can be customized or used right out of the box. BItdefender simply works in the background keeping files, web searches, etc. safe without requiring a lot of resources.

  • J. Moore - It's OK

    Started Animal M-Stak as basically my first supplement (other then whey) and wasn't expecting too much after reading a ton of reviews. Think I got more of a placebo effect then anything - trained a little harder - got ever more sore then normal, but no gains or noticeable change in size. Its relatively cheap and easy to use. No negative side effects if you stay off the red pill. I only took the 'stim' pill once but I'm caffeine sensitive and it made me jittery and anxious; but most people will probably be OK with them, just don't take them at night unless you hate sleep. Good product to try, but doubt I will buy again.