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  • Jon A. Bexell - It will be a great case in the winter when being oversized is okay

    This thing is really thick, but the way it opens in the back with a magnetic fold is genius. It will be a great case in the winter when being oversized is okay.

  • NYFB - Manuka Honey...

    Manuka (tea shrub) is a type of honey found in New Zealand and Australia. 16 is the UMF=Unique Manuka Factor which also can be found in factors of 12 and 20. The higher the UMF, the more medicinal value. Most honey sold in US are treated somehow either by filtering, diluting, blending, pasteurizing... which removes pollens which identify where the honey was produced and without pollens, honey has no medicinal value. This honey is so superior that once consumed, it helps allergies due to pollen content and more and externally can be applied to the skin to treat any condition.

  • Carol Stepp - I would definately recommend this product

    I paid $100.00 for this full price at a tanning salon, I just loved it, it made your skin so soft and your tan looked natural. Would definately recommend this product.

  • Jo Anne Blugrind - These are one of the best inventions ever

    These are one of the best inventions ever. It definitely helps my wife and I eliminate more poop as well as poop more easily. I feel everyone should have one because the last thing one wants to have is an unhealthy colon (large intestine). In some ways (not all ways), death begins in the colon and good health begins in the colon.