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Youth Mental Health Awareness Canada | The Paul Hansell Foundation - The Paul Hansell Foundation is committed to raising youth mental health awareness in Canada. Our aim is to also erase the stigma surrounding mental health.

  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-paul/ Paul Hansell | Youth Mental Health & Suicide | Canada - In December 2010, Paul Hansell lost his life to suicide at age 18. The aim of the Paul Hansell Foundation is to raise mental health awareness in Canada.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-paul-hansell-foundation/ About The Paul Hansell Foundation | Youth Mental Health in Canada - Through education and awareness the foundation aims to break down barriers and put mental health on an equal footing with all other forms of health.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-paul-hansell-foundation/organizations-we-support/ Youth Mental Health Organizations Canada | Paul Hansell Foundation - The Paul Hansell Foundation Supports Assumption High School, Brock University, Reach Out Center for Kids (ROCK) and Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-paul-hansell-foundation/our-supporters/ Volunteers & Supporters | The Paul Hansell Foundation | Canada - We are so grateful by the morale, emotional and financial support of family, friends, business associates, and community service organizations.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-convoplate/ About The #ConvoPlate | Youth Mental Health | Canada - The #ConvoPlate was created to get people talking about mental health. Our aim is to increase the number of youth who access mental health services.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-convoplate/register-a-convoplate/ Register a #ConvoPlate | Keep talking about youth mental health - Register and Help Keep the Conversation Going About Youth Mental Health in Canada. The #ConvoPlate was created to get people talking about mental health.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/about-the-convoplate/track-a-convoplate/ Track a #ConvoPlate: Talking About Youth Mental Health in Canada - Track a #ConvoPlate and see where the plates have visited across Canada. The plates increase the focus on youth mental health in Canada.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/tools-resources/ Tools & Resources for Coping with Mental Illness | Paul Hansell Foundation - 5 Ways to deal with Stress, Top 5 Coping Mechanisms for mental illness and mental anguish.
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/blog/ Blog | Youth Mental Health Awareness Canada - The Paul Hansell Foundation Blog. Blogs and resources surrounding youth mental health awareness in Canada. Keep the conversation going!
  • http://www.paulhansellfoundation.com/blog/category/press-releases/ Press Releases | The Paul Hansell Foundation | Canada - Press Releases from The Paul Hansell Foundation surrounding youth mental health awareness in Canada.

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