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Parkview Medical Clinic - Home - Welcome to Parkview Medical Clinic!Parkview Medical Clinic is an independently owned family practice with five physicians proudly serving New Prague and surrounding communities.  Parkview Medical Clinic was founded in 1972.The providers and staff at Parkvi

  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/patient_forms Parkview Medical Clinic - PATIENT FORMS - PATIENT FORMS NEW PATIENT FORMS - PARKVIEW MEDICAL CLINICNew Patient Registration FormPatient Responsibility FormInsurance Authorization FormHIPAA-Notice of Privacy Practices FormClinic Policy NEW PATIENT FORMS - OPTIMAL SPORTS Patient Responsibility FormH
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/hours Parkview Medical Clinic - HOURS - APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE:Call 952-758-2535 to schedule an appointment.Open Monday - Friday8:30am - 5:00pm (appointments are 8:30am-4:30pm)Open Saturdays*8:30am - 12:00pm (appointments are 8:30am-11:30am)*Please Note, Saturdays  are treated more like urgent c
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/patient_portal Parkview Medical Clinic - PATIENT PORTAL - www.followmyhealth.com  Parkview Medical Clinic is proud to offer patients free access to their health information online.Follow My Health is a secure, interactive patient portal where you can get your medical information as well as communicate with your p
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/medical_services Parkview Medical Clinic - MEDICAL SERVICES - Parkview Medical Clinic offers a wide variety of services to meet the health needs of our community.  Please call 952-758-2535 with any questions about our services or to schedule an appointment.
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/physicians Parkview Medical Clinic - PHYSICIANS - John Berg, MDDr. John Berg graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1968 with internship at Bethesda Lutheran Hospital in Saint Paul, MN.  Dr. Berg founded Parkview Medical Clinic in 1972 and has admitting privileges to Mayo hospital in
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/insurance Parkview Medical Clinic - INSURANCE - Parkview Medical Clinic accepts most major insurance plans EXCEPT UCare.Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN www.bluecrossmn.comHealthPartners www.healthpartners.comMedica www.medica.comUnited Healthcare www.unitedhealthgroup.comPreferred One www.preferredone.comH
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/building Parkview Medical Clinic - BUILDING - PARKVIEW MEDICAL CLINIC The current Parkview Medical Clinic building was designed by architect Richard Engan of Willmar and opened in December 2004.The building won the 2005 award for Minnesota Physician Journal's Outstanding Minnesota Physician Office Bui
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/contact_us Parkview Medical Clinic - CONTACT US - Please call 952-758-2535 with any questions.  You may also fill out the form below, which will route to our Clinic Adminstrator who will respond as timely as she is able.  If you are a patient, it is also helpful if you add your date of birth in the commen
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/billing Parkview Medical Clinic - BILLING - BILL PAYAt this time, Parkview Medical Clinic does not have online bill pay. To pay your bill, you have the following options:1. Call 952-758-2535 and make a credit card payment over the phone (please clarify if you are paying for Parkview Medical Clinic o
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/physical_therapy Parkview Medical Clinic - PHYSICAL THERAPY - Physical Therapy is available at Parkview Medical Clinic through Optimal Sports Physical Therapy.
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/employment_opportunities Parkview Medical Clinic - EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES -  Family Physician (Medical Doctors only)Parkview Medical Clinic is seeking a Family Practice physician to join our independent private practice.  This is a full-time position with a 4 day a week work week and on-call rotation shared amongst 6 other provid
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/students Parkview Medical Clinic - STUDENTS - At this time, Parkview Medical Clinic is not able to accommodate Nurse Practitioner students looking for a preceptorship.If you are a medical student looking to practice in Family Medicine, we may be able to accommodate a student rotation if one of our pro
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/our_staff Parkview Medical Clinic - OUR STAFF - Parkview Medical Clinic has a team of hardworking staff who are committed to quality patient care.  We pride ourselves on the longevity of our staff, some of whom have been with the practice for over 20-40 years! Nursing StaffWe have 3 full-time, 5 part-ti
  • http://www.parkviewclinic.com/resources Parkview Medical Clinic - RESOURCES - ALLERGY TESTINGWe offer allergy testing and allergy shots/drops (for eligible patients).  Please note allergy drops are not covered by insurance.  For more information on allergy testing, shots/drops, visit the Allervision website at: www.allervision.com C

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