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Project PANORAMA - The PANORAMA project will create breakthrough imaging technologies to handle the demanding requirements concerning image quality and reliabilityand speed of image analysis

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City: 3.7167 East Flanders Province, Belgium

  • TinaW - Eclipsed all other guidebooks

    My large family all met in Italy this summer for a reunion trip. Each family unit brought its own book for guidance. By the third day, everyone was borrowing my copy of this book! I thought that since this is a general 'Italy' guidebook, it wouldn't be as detailed as, say, a guidebook specific to each major city or region. I was pleasantly surprised with how much info was actually included. It was enough for me! Will definitely use this book series for future trips.

  • Richard E. Fischer - Not Bridge Games

    The Hoyle card Casino Games probably were great,but I was only interested in Bridge games , but no Bridge games were available. Most Bridge games have not been updated to run Windows 7 64 bit programs. If you have such games available, I would like to purchase ??

  • Vinny - Will not Recommend this product

    I was looking for a Tablet which is decent (not that fancy)but at-least work ok...........It looks like it will do the job just fine, but i am very disappointed in spending $125 on this ......

  • The Wind - Excellent way to refinish countertops

    I give this product 5 stars for ease of use, excellent instruction video and paint color/quality. However, I will dock it one star because the topcoat clear finish is not durable and will bubble up when any amount of water sits on the counter (such as under a dish rack mat or cutting board, etc.). I recommend using a higher quality polyurethane topcoat to finish, rather than the one that comes with this kit. Also, don't bother to contact this company via their website form - they will not bother to respond to you. All in all, it's very easy to refinish your countertops following the very clear instructions in the DVD provided with the kit. This was the first time I have refinished a countertop and the results were impressive.