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  • J. R. Nixon - Maybe They've Switched Models

    Yes the mount is cheap and yes it holds up my TV and yes it was easy to put up, but that's where the compliments stop. The mount I received can never be level. When it's pushed in it leans one way and when I pull it out it leans the other way. There's no way to adjust that side-to-side tilt of your TV as the joint only adjusts up and down. I had to laugh with the level included b/c all it does is highlight how uneven the mount is. \

  • Manda - Great product, so far lice have stayed away.

    We had a lice outbreak at school and so far so good. Smells great, a bit strong at first but my son loves the smell and actually asks for it in the morning. I also use it to help get the tangles out of my daughters hair.

  • Ren Ren - If not sure after the first night's sleep, give it a few more days...

    Our Purple arrived about three weeks ago. My husband and I were so excited about getting this mattress after reading so many positive reviews and being impressed with the technology that goes into it.