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Portal Oficial da Ordem dos Médicos - A Ordem dos Médicos deve cumprir o seu papel na defesa da Medicina em Portugal. O que significa defender a qualidade, independência e regulação do exercício da profissão médica...

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  • Angela Jones-landry - I love it!

    The WW pedometer is great. My only complaint is that there should be a better explanation for calculating one's stride. The default stride was off my actual stride by 5 inches which can affect accuracy. When comparing my activity points prior to and after use of the pedometer, they were very consistent. I now know how much to add from my whole day of walking. I highly recommend this item but purchase from a WW meeting. I got mine for $18 with a $5 off coupon.

  • Russell Welsh - This is as good as it gets for the Nvidia SHIELD

    This is as good as it gets for the Nvidia SHIELD. Fits over the entire screen almost perfectly, and the glass is significantly smoother to the touch than the Shield's own screen, while having no noticeable effect on the stylus. Smudges from fingerprints and such will wipe clean off with just about anything. As for scratch resistance, my knife made of 1095 Carbon steel bounced right off of it.

  • Amazon Customer - RIP OFF, Cannot get company to reply Product Doesn't Work

    This product is a great idea, but it doesn't work properly with my android phone. It will sort of track my keys; that is, it says I am getting closer, but also will say I am getting farther away, when I am 2-3 feet from the item for which I am searching. I tried activating sound to assist in tracking the device, but it would not emit any sound. I uploaded a second TrackR to the app and put that one in my wallet. At first, I could see it displayed in my app, but later, the word "wallet" was replaced with the word "TrackR." Seeking to rectify this issue, I deleted the item and attempted to sync the wallet TrackR with my phone, yet again. It was to no avail, as it would not pair and this time the brand new TrackR would not light up or emit a beep which lets one know the items are pairing. I guess the new battery is dead. I tried calling the 800 number from the TrackR site on two separate days, but the company message states they are too overwhelmed to answer calls. I tried contacting them by email to initiate a return, because the company does NOT allow returns, unless the customer contacts them first. The phone recording guaranteed a reply by email within 24 hours. It has been 5 days and I have not heard from them. I wrote to them again today. I bought 5 of these things thinking that they would work. Wait until they get the kinks worked out of this product and do not buy directly from them, since they have a system in place to block returns of this mail ordered item.

  • Joseph Mascara III - the character build is awesome and each character has their own story

    Every season shameless comes full of surprises, the character build is awesome and each character has their own story.

  • Alex King-harris - Such an amazing tool!

    I love this tool! Spray cans made super easy... it fits onto any spray can in one simple snap - and voila, you're now a power sprayer. Whatever job you have that involves a spray can, this tool is for you!