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Spør legen på nett - Online Lege - Spør legen og få raske og grundige svar - Spør legen på nett. Send inn spørsmål raskt og enkelt. Gode og utfyllende svar innen 1 - 3 dager!

  • http://www.onlinelege.no/send-inn-spoersmaal/ Send inn spørsmål - Online Lege - Spør legen og få raske og grundige svar - Fyll ut et enkelt spørsmålsskjema, send til legen og motta raskt et detaljert og lett forståelig svar.

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    City: 10.2045 Buskerud, Norway

  • brian roach - Clubs perform well

    I'm a bogey golfer who has been using the same clubs for 25 years. I decided to upgrade, and I'm glad I did. I have been hitting these clubs a lot more solid than my old clubs. I don't feel that I would be able to tell any difference between these clubs and clubs costing twice as much. I'd like to say that they lowered my score, but not yet. Maybe over time they will help achieve that!

  • John C Ritch - Get One!

    Very nice PC that takes up very little room. Was able to set up Windows Media Center with an over-the-air HD antennae in no time. It's now my main TV PC.

  • dennisaroy - Too many days.

    Unfortunately, there are far too many days left until the calendar expires... if you know what I mean.

  • James W. - Not Top Notch, but Good Stuff!

    I've been riding with these for a bit. Threads are coming loose left and right, and the velcro strap is nothing to brag about. That being said, I think these will really take a beating in the long run. I don't see the fingers wearing out as quickly as my previous 'answer' motocross gloves.

  • Moonlite Star - Great fitness game!

    I got this around the same time I picked up Nike+ Kinect Training, and I ended up using this game more. The way YSFE breaks down the work outs makes it easier to vary up my routine to my liking, and I enjoy the variety of activities this game offers. I also owned the YSFE version before this, and the 2012 update has definitely improved. It reads kinect movements a lot better than the previous, and has much more variety. There's still some activities I haven't tried, but the warm ups, games, classes, are all great. I haven't done too many of the focused workouts, as I find those less interesting than the classes and games, but those workouts are nicely broken down to a variety of difficultly levels. The downside is, it's the same workout time and time again, so it can get boring if you only do those workouts.

  • James Dugat - Drum Excellence.

    If you are looking for some great music as well as loads of inspiration to dust off your dumbeks, djembes, African drums,