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  • http://www.nursinghomeabuse.net/nursing-home-substance-abuse/ Nursing Home Substance Abuse - Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | Brown Wharton & Brothers - 14-20 percent of adults aged 50-59 suffer from substance abuse. Research suggests nursing home negligence is a very real concern for affected families.
  • http://www.nursinghomeabuse.net/nursing-home-lawsuit-alleges-financial-exploitation/ Nursing Home Lawsuit Alleges Financial Exploitation - Nursing home lawsuit alleges $2.5M financial exploitation. Learn more about financial exploitation of the elderly, their rights, and how to pursue justice.

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  • ShopTilUdrop - 6 mos: very little effect

    I do not see much change after using this product religiously for the past 6 months. Maybe it has prevented more hair from falling out but I am still picking hairs off my sweaters all day long. I would not buy this product again.

  • Dave W Earle - Very happy with it

    I am rewriting my entire review of this device, because in my haste to get using it, I didn't following the recommendations during the set up; in my initial review, I had said the range was not as claimed, however, that was because I didn't accept the recommended SSID during the set up of the Almond. When going through the wizard set up, you will be asked if you want to use the "recommended" SSID, or your own SSID of your wireless network. I IMPLORE YOU: accept the recommended SSID name it gives you, which will look like this: yournetworkssid_almond. I went back through the wizard myself, accepted the recommended SSID, and then put THAT SSID in my wireless devices, and VOILA!! I now have a clear, strong signal throughout the entire house. This Almond range extender works exactly as claimed, and I would completely, and definitely recommend it, I am very happy with it.

  • Debra A. Swaschnig - Rich and thick but most importantly produces results!!

    I received this product art a reduced price for an unbiased and honest review!! First let me say that this eye cream comes in a beautiful blue pump applicator bottle. With so many products to choose from today presentation can be important!! But most importantly since I started using this cream I have less morning under eye puffiness and the skin under my eyes feels wonderfully hydrated.I apply this cream under and around my eyes every evening after washing my face. I live in a very dry climate and I no longer feel like I need to apply moisturizer in the morning and then reapply several times throughout the day!! I expereinced no redness or irritation around my eyes after using this product and I have very sensitive skin. The applicator bottle easily dispenses just a tiny bit of the cream which is all you will need as this cream goes a very long way!! The cream is white in color and very thick and rich looking; when you put it on under your eyes it is absorbed very quickly with no running of the cream and it left no feelings of greasiness or stickiness after application. The scent is very pleasant and mild! If you are looking for a high quality eye cream that produces results then this eye cream is a great choice!!

  • Mad Mommy - Do not waste your money on this photo album of children with tons of makeup to look 20.

    It is a magazine that consists of no sponsors. It would appear the children in the magazine are done up way beyond their years. I bought the magazine because a friend said they were featured in it and to my disappointment there was no informative reading. The outfits on the models were too "mature" for these children. The girls in the magazine and cover are less than 12 years old solicited as models. When we contacted them about their models out of concern, we were told they are placed in the magazine by paying parents and are looking to be discovered. Very disappointed in contents of this magazine and lack of good reading and sponsors.

  • D. in AZ - I am always sure I get my fruits and veggies

    I am normally a meat eater, but even though I try to get in my fruits and veggies, taking these makes sure I get all the vitamins and nutrients I might miss out otherwise.