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  • Thomas james - One of his best projects to date

    This is truly a J. Cole project. Very introspective album that touches on very personal subjects, no guest features, and it also has a few bangers. One of his best projects to date.

  • Mr. Nick - It would have been cool to include an acoustic version or live performance of ...

    With my knowledge of only a hand full of the songs from this artist I was willing to venture into some new material from them. I wasn't dissapointed! Between the mixes and the regular stand outs, this is a must have album to really bring you up to speed. It would have been cool to include an acoustic version or live performance of "On melancholy hill", but I'm not complaining.

  • like to shop - One of the best baby products I purchased so far

    You never know what your baby will like and where he/she will prefer to sleep. As first time parents we purchased the crib, the bassinet, the cradle, the mamaroo and of course the car seat. Well for the first 4 weeks of life my son refused to sleep anywhere except the mamaroo. He hated anything with a flat surface, so the crib and bassinet were completely out. We bought the newborn insert to make the mamaroo more plush, and because he was so tiny it was swallowing him up. There were a few times where he would slide down a bit and his head looked somewhat uncomfortable but I would just re-adjust. It was helpful to have the mamaroo in our bedroom, so those first few weeks we can check on him constantly. The swing has multiple sounds, but he prefers only one, the whoosh, which is what it sounds like in utero from what I read. Now that he is 2 months old, he is sleeping in the crib the majority of the time, but he loves hanging out in the mamaroo when he is alert. He stares at the 3 puffy balls on top and I noticed he tries to smile at them and sometimes makes noises directed at them.

  • Grace - The Best Solar Lights!

    These are the best solar lights ever! These are very well made. The poles are stainless steel, not plastic like so many others. They are very easy to assemble. The black pointed part that goes into the ground is inside each of the poles. Just remove it, flip it around and insert it back into the pole. You are now ready to push this part into the ground. The solar lights come complete with batteries that are fully charged and ready to turn on. The little switch is on the bottom, just push it to on. Remove the plastic on top that protects the solar part for shipping. Place it on top of the poles that you have already placed in the ground and you're all set. Now you can enjoy them when they come on at dark. They will charge during the day from the sun. These are very pretty and give off a fair amount of light. They are tall, not these little short ones that you get at Walmart of somewhere. The company will guarantee them for life. This is the first set of solar lights that I've had and I'm sure glad that I chose these. If you have found this to be helpful would you please click 'yes', thank you.