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The NESINA Family - Learn About The Treatment Options - The NESINA Family are prescription medicines used with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose) control in adults with type 2 diabetes. Please see Important Safety Information, including boxed warnings.

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  • Kel T. - Painted it gold

    Beautiful fixture. We painted it gold for my daughter and son in law as a statement piece when you walk in their foyer. This was a labor of love, as there are many pieces! Can't wait to see how it looks hanging.

  • Mayra - Awesome work out.

    Great and fun way to exercise. Love the different levels of resistance. I recommend this machine. Great for the guys too.

  • Amazon Customer - We've used it for many years and glad they update it

    Helps very much when traveling to locate anything we need. We've used it for many years and glad they update it. Wouldn't travel without it.

  • Ruby - amazing!!

    I had an antique claw foot bathtub with lots of rust discoloration, lime scale and real fine spider cracks in the enamel. I cleaned and prepared tub as specified and removed all metal fixtures and drain ring. Then applied the mixture. It goes on thin and dries rather quickly. Apply your second coat within hours!! I let it set over night and then applied the third and fourth coat. The results are amazing! A shiny bright white enamel coated tub. My tub is 5 foot at the base.. and 5 foot 10 inches from top rim to rim. I bought two boxes and have applied four coats inside and out, top to bottom, including the feet, front and back. I have about 1/3 of a can left over for touch ups. It seems to keep very well in the can resealed.