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Nerdel - The Nerdel News - Fighting Childhood Obesity Through Fun, Fitness and Nutrition on Nerdel.com. - Join Nerdel for fun, kids fitness and nutrition. Fighting childhood obesity. Fighting Junk and Bad Nutrition is our Mission. Play games. Explore Nerdel's Virtual World. Visit the food pyramid and the President's Challenge. Send cool E-cards.

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  • http://www.nerdel.com/blog/ Nerdel | - World Osteoporosis Day takes place every year on October 20, launching a year-long campaign dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis
  • http://www.nerdel.com/community.html The Nerdel News Community Page. Nerdel wants You to make a difference in the world: Preventing Childhood Obesity, Ending Childhood Hunger, Protecting Animals, Encouraging fitness. Find out more in The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com. - The Nerdel Company - Community, Fighting Junk and Bad Nutrition is Our Mission, Nerdel believes in Community, Nerdel believes in Ending Childhood Hunger, Nerdel Believes in Kids, Nerdel believes in Caring for our Environment, Nerdel believes in the Health of our children, Nerdel believes in fitness for all, Nerdel believes in eating healthy, Nerdel believes in You. Nerdel believes we all can make a difference in the world.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/pennys_pets.html Learn Healthy Pet Tips with Nerdel and Penny - visit The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com - Learn healthy pet tips with Nerdel. Upload your dog's and cat's pictures. Veterinarian tips from Dr. Alison Birken. Great pet articles and information.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/food_pyramid.html The Food Pyramid: Nerdel makes the Food pyramid fun and easy in The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com - The Food Pyramid page is a great place to learn about all different types of foods, how much we should eat and which types are the healthiest for us. Nerdel makes the Food Pyramid fun and easy in The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com. Come visit Nerdel's Food Mart and find a new way to understand food.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/nerdel_tube.html Watch Nerdel as he talks about nutrition, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy and more or watch a healthy recipe being made on the Alexis Show at Nerdel.com - Nerdel tube is a collection of videos , some from the Great American Bake Sale at the Aventura Mall, and some from the South Beach Food and Wine-fun and fit as a family event. Watch the Alexis Show and have fun
  • http://www.nerdel.com/food_nutrition.html Learn all about healthy food, Kids guide to nutrition, nutrition labels, My Food Pyramid, fast foods, superfoods, and what's healthy to eat. Have fun too! All at The Nerdel News on Nerdel.com. - The Food and Nutrition section provides you with wonderful food and nutrition knowledge about whats healthy to eat, amounts and servings to have, and all of the great food groups.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/recipes.html Terrific recipes on Nerdel.com: check out Chef Allen, Grandma Sophie's Mediterranean delicacies, and healthy foods from Natasha Nerdelman. The Nerdel News - Learn about terrific recipes from Chef Allen, Grandma Sophie's Mediterranean delicacies, and healthy foods from Natasha Nerdelman
  • http://www.nerdel.com/fun_games.html Play and learn: Nerdel's Fun & Games. Puzzles, mazes, President's Challenge Poster Games: Nerdel Bounce, Word Games and a 3D Virtual World. Dress Nerdel, have a Nerdel birthday party and have fun at Nerdel.com - Nerdel's Fun and Games section features games, puzzles, mazes, word games and a new game for the President's Challenge called Nerdel Bounce. Dress Nerdel, have a Nerdel birthday party and have fun.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/teacher_to_teacher.html Real teachers fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic, relating real life experiences to help their fellow teachers. Book reviews, articles, and links regarding physical fitness, nutrition and exercise in school and the classroom. - The Teacher to Teacher section, focuses on tips, recipes and suggestions for teachers, by teachers, on how to keep themselves and their students healthy.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/editor_column.html The Editor's Column: Graehm Gray's opinion blog - on kids nutrition, fitness, exercise and the fight against childhood obesity and other world issues facing us today. Graehm Gray also reviews books, foods and products relating to nutrition and fitness. All in The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com - Nerdel News Editor-in-Chief Graehm Gray writes about childhood obesity, kids nutrition, kids fitness and more. Fighting junk and bad nutrition is our mission. Learn the definitions related to Childhood Obesity, stay up to date on fitness and nutrition topics for kids and adults. The Nerdel� Company is a company devoted to making children and adults all over the world more aware of healthy eating, healthy cooking and physical fitness. We are dedicated to making a present and future world of healthier children and adults. Fighting Junk and Bad Nutrition is Our Mission! Join Nerdel and The Nerdel Company Team on our mission, at www.nerdel.com where you can find out more about our team. All in The Nerdel News at Nerdel.com
  • http://www.nerdel.com/about_us.html Learn about the people that created Nerdel, Nerdel.com and the Nerdel Company - The About Us section describes the people that founded and direct the various departments of the Nerdel Company and The Nerdel News.
  • http://www.nerdel.com/blog/2011/11/06/counting-on-fruit-with-nerdel-wins-the-2011-silver-moonbeam-children%E2%80%99s-book-award/ Counting on Fruit with Nerdel Wins the 2011 Silver Moonbeam Children’s Book Award | Nerdel - The Nerdel Company is proud to announce that their most recently published book: Counting on Fruit with Nerdel , has just received the 2011 Silver Moonbeam
  • http://www.nerdel.com/transport_station.html Transport to the planet Zendel or Play Nerdel Bounce. Explore Nerdel's 3D Virtual World featuring the President's Challenge Poster Games and The Food Pyramid. All on Nerdel.com - The Nerdel Company has developed some great games for the President's Challenge. You can play Nerdel Bounce. If you like the game Bubble Trouble you will really like Nerdel Bounce. You can also explore Nerdel's 3D virtual world and visit the President's Challenge Poster Museum, The Food Pyramid and Nerdel's own planetarium. Collect as many icons as you can to increase your lives in Nerdel Bounce. Find the secret entrance to Nerdel Bounce.

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