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Nanocs | Innovative Life Science Products - A Leading supplier of life science research reagents including PEGs, Nanoparticles, Bioactive Molecules, Labels and Linkers, Biopolymers and ITO glasses.

  • http://www.nanocs.net/PEG.htm PEG Reagents by Reactivity - Nanocs Polyethylene glycol/PEG products used for drug delivery, assay development and surface modification including Monofunctional PEG, PEG NHS, Maleimide PEG, lipid and phospholipid PEG, flurescent PEG, biotin PEG, silane PEG, acryloyl/acrylate PEG, a
  • http://www.nanocs.net/Pegylation-reagents.htm PEG Reagents by Functional Group - Nanocs offers various PEG reagents for pegylation, crosslinking, biotinylation, fluorescent labeling applications.
  • http://www.nanocs.net/nanoparticle.htm Nanoparticles & Beads - Functional nanoparticles include surface functionalized gold and silver nanoparticles, gold nanorods, silver nanowires, magnetic particles and graphene oxide.
  • http://www.nanocs.net/bioconjugate.htm Biopolymers & Conjugates - Fluorescent labeled biomolecules including proteins, antibodies, enzymes and biocompatible polymers.
  • http://www.nanocs.net/crosslinker.htm Labels & Crosslinkers - Various crosslinkers and fluorescent labels, including SPDP, PDA, SIA, maleimide NHS, biotinylation reagents for protein, antibody, peptides and biopolymer modification
  • http://www.nanocs.net/slides.htm Slides & Arrays - Functional arrays for electronic devices, bio array development. Low fluorescene. High uniformity.
  • http://www.nanocs.net/nanoparticle/graphene.htm Graphene & Graphene Oxide - Graphene, graphene oxide, graphene oxide solution, graphene oxide flakes, graphene oxide film, high concentration graphene solution, graphene oxide organic solution, graphene flake, single layer graphene, single layer graphene oxide, single layer graphene
  • http://www.nanocs.net/PEG/Click-PEGs.htm Click PEG Derivatives - DBCO PEGs, DBCO PEG NHS, DBCO PEG Maleimide, DBCO PEG amine, DBCO PEG thiol, azide PEG NHS, azide PEG maleimide, azide PEG amine
  • http://www.nanocs.net/PEG/Lipid-PEGs.htm Lipid PEG Derivatives - Nanocs Polyethylene glycol (PEG) products used for drug delivery, assay development and surface modification including Monofunctional PEG, PEG NHS, Maleimide PEG, lipid and phospholipid PEG, flurescent PEG, biotin PEG, silane PEG, acryloyl/acrylate PEG, a
  • http://www.nanocs.net/mPEG-Maleimide-5k-1g.htm Maleimide PEG, mPEG-MAL - Nanocs' methoxyl PEG maleimide (MW 5000) is a thiol reactive PEG derivative.
  • http://www.nanocs.net/DSPE-PEG2000-Maleimide-2k.htm DSPE PEG Maleimide, DSPE-PEG-MAL - DSPE PEG, DSPE PEG Maleimide, DSPE NHS, DSPE amine, DMPE, DPPE, DOPE, PEG, Maleimide, mPEG DSPE, DSPE PEG PDP, DSPE PEG NH2, DSPE PEG COOH, DSPE PEG Biotin, DSPE PEG FITC, DSPE PEG Azide
  • http://www.nanocs.net/Fluorescein-silica-particles-500nm.htm Silica nanoparticles, FITC lableled - Silica nanoparticles, silica particles, silica beads, rhodamine labeled silica beads. Fluorescein silica beads, cy3 silica, cy5 silica, TAMARA, TMR silica

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  • Maggie S. - Great for making hair strands appear thicker, not the easiest to apply, a little pricey.

    This is a great item to use in conjunction with hair spray, and colored spray or colored dry shampoo to disguise thinning hair, such as loss due to trichotillomania. This will actually make your hair appear thicker as the particles cling to the strands. The salt-shaker application method is a little difficult to control to get it to just the right spot. I may try it with the spray nozzle attachment, but I feel it should probably just come with such an attachment (which costs more), as shaking these particles on your head is so difficult. This color blends relatively easily with my hair that is lighter in the summer time, but I will probably need to blend it with a shade darker in the winter. You do need to apply a light hair spray to be sure that the fibers will hold in place. It doesn't need much, just a little fixative-something very light and flexible will do fine. I deducted a star do to the application method and the high price per unit.

  • Javier Olmos - Dont buy on amazon. buy from a trusted distributor.

    My advice. Don't buy it off of Amazon.com. the advocare 24 day challenge is not a lose weight fast diet plan. it is intended to act like an oil change for your body. The products are great but it's also a life style change that comes with it advocare is a nutrition company. Not a wieght loss company. Therefore weight loss is a bi-product. I've done it twice with the help of my buddy and sponsor that sold It it to me. He held me accountable. designed the bundle to what my body and system needed and I had great results. First Time I Lost 6lbs AND 2 % Body fat. Second Time I Lost 18lbs Put On 6 lbs Of Muscle AND dropped 5% Body fat. The key is to continue the "MAX" phase on day 25 and so on. Again it's not a losweight quick gimmic but overtime you do have great results. My recommendation find someone who does the business and that you trust and let them guide you. if you don't know one, feel free to message me.

  • TigerTC - Troubling and Persuasive

    Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010” is an important and disturbing look at the breakdowns in American society that are crippling the lower class. Murray describes how the founding principles that made America great are sliding – specifically, religion, marriage, industriousness, and the respect for the law.