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  • bryan - performance for warehouse jobs

    I wasn't sure about this product for the first couple days. Probably because I only took one as directed, but more likely because I was getting used to it. It was working all day in rain and felt just peachy. Usually (on other thermogenics) I'm somewhat uncomfortable working in the rain. This is nice. I can balance drinking like 3/4 a gallon of water during a warehouse eight hour workday and only have to pee twice if not once due to sweating. Will buy again.

  • Samed Diaz - Loved it.

    This coin collecting album is great. It fits the coins perfectly. Could put in and take out super simple. It has a plastic that is stable and one that takes out. The coins fit perfectly in between them. You could see both sides of the coins.

  • Quickbooks User - Great Software, but the Company Greedy

    I have been using quickbooks pro for pc for around 5 years. It is good software, but they nickel and dime you for different products. Like for payroll, you have to pay extra if you want to use that feature. Well, in Quickbooks for Mac, you dont even have the option for payroll. Its a very watered down version of the quickbooks for pc. However, the basic functions of quickbooks for mac actually works perfect for me as I dont need the advanced options that most people do. I would highly recommend that you download a free 30 day trial of this software before you buy. If the trial works for you, then you can always buy the full version, but if it doesnt work for you, you do not loose any money.

  • L. Arcadia - So very grateful for your product

    I have a non-alcoholic fatty liver. My liver was hurting like I never had before. I investigated prescription drugs and all the foods I was eating. I had an abdominal sonogram and liver panel. Why would I have a fatty liver? Why were my triglycerides high? Why were statins ruining a cared-for liver? After recent testing and taking this product for about 5 weeks, my liver function has improved to bring all levels into normal range. With LIVER SUPPORT and CLEANSE, I feel confident this vital organ is no longer under attack - every concern has been addressed. Thank you for your remarkable contribution.

  • Donna Lynn - GREAT PRODUCT!

    I order this for my son, and he has found great benefits with this formula! He sleeps better, had better REM sleep, and has a lot better energy during the day! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

  • Kathi Linz - End Times Information

    Christians are, in the main, lacking in information about how the world is speeding towards the events foretold for the End Times. This book is a bit rough to read as it talks about "fearful" things. But it would be wise for Christians to become informed so they will not be deceived or taken unawares.

  • K. Moody - Love it!

    Being on Weight Watchers and having lost over 60 pounds I was looking for some good treat! Fruit is free on Weight Watchers. I used 2 bananas and 1 cup blackberries. It came out like soft serve ice cream. If you use other fruit with the bananas it takes on that flavor! After reading some of the other posts I do hope mine holds up! I would truly miss it!