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  • B. Laue - Avoid petroleum products --use this instead. It works!

    Petroleum distillate rubber conditioners will temporarily soften rubber seals, then turn them to mush over time. Not AT-205 Re-Seal! I've used this in two motorcycles (31 and 27 years old), as well as two cars (a 1996, and a 2003), over two years ago, as a preventative measure. No problems, no issues, other than it helped eliminate one oil leak. I originally found this product in an auto-parts store, for around $7 more than I paid here (minus S/H). Even with the postage fees, this came out to be $6 less, per bottle, ordering three at a time, than I would have paid buying it semi-locally (had to drive to a neighboring town, 40 miles away -- no one locally carries it).

  • B. Alward - Great, innovative little product

    Great, innovative little product. Easy to use and perfect for trying to get a coat of polish on while riding in the car or sitting somewhere without a good solid surface - like in bed! Just don't make any fast moves. That's an open bottle of polish on your hand! I went ahead and ordered one for my granddaughter and niece as well :).

  • trishaa - Great product

    When reading about a product one always wonder just how much is pure advertising and if the product will really deliver. This Wet and Forget is not for someone who wants to see results in an hour. We sprayed this on our guttering and soffits last fall just before it got cold and then did truly forget about it. We looked at the areas just last week that had been treated and could see a marked difference. I know they will require at least 2 more treatments but I can say that the product does work. We will now treat all of our guttering, ceiling on the porch and soffits. I'm getting ready to order another jug to be ready when the weather warms up.

  • Art the Science Guy - Worked Flawlessly

    I installed it via CD and it downloaded the latest version, entered my Serial Code and after restart was ready to go. I wanted to do a complete backup of my System so I opened the program and followed the instructions which were quite simple. First I was prompted to connect my external drive so it could copy the files necessary to make it a bootable device, this took a few minutes. Then I chose to backup my entire system now, without scheduling, directed it to be copied to my external drive and clicked on "start". About 24 minutes later it had copied my entire C drive onto my external drive, about 92GB. The process was simple and painless and offered many options for customization including copying an entire drive onto another (cloning) in the event that you wish to swap your current hard drive to an SSD. Very easy to use, very flexible, works as advertised.

  • Rita from Arlington Tx - Just OK

    It seemed to work ok, just not what I was expecting. The belt was comfortable but after a few weeks of using it, the gel pads were starting to get harder to remove off of your body and left you sticky. I did not see any difference in slenderizing but did feel good like you may get in physical therapy with the tens unit.

  • brandi kelley - Review for overweight people.

    I wanted to give this review for the heavy people that want to know about T25 for them. I couldn't hardly find any reviews before I bought this. I am a 40 year old women that weighs 250. I received the T25 last week. I did the cardio and then the next day I did speed 1.0. I couldn't hardly move the next day. I hurt. I got busy so I didn't get back to the workouts until Mon. I did the workouts the way they said to this week. I hurt but not like the first week. I have to say I LOVE THESE VIDEOS. I didn't do very much of the AB workout because I am so out of shape that it hurts me to bad. Some videos I use the modifier more than other videos but I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I was really worried about spending this much money not knowing if I can do it or not. I can't do as much as they do on the video but I just keep working at it and don't give up. I stop for a second if I need to, but I don't give up for the 25 mins. I love it, I can't say that enough. I fee wonderful when I finish (after I get my breath back anyway). I have already lost 5 lbs this week. So if you are heavy and want something to push you, this will work and you can do it. But you have to really want to do this. If you don't really want it you won't like it because it is a lot of work and sweat and hurting. I LOVE IT though and and so excited that I bought it.