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Music Victoria | Home - Music Victoria is the contemporary music industry peak body for Victoria, Australia; an independent and non-partisan body established to support the Victorian contemporary music industry across all genres.

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  • sisu - The same Mott's Apple Juice as found in the grocery ...

    The same Mott's Apple Juice as found in the grocery store. Having 8 to 16 of this half gallon size delivered to the door each month is so convenient.

  • Mike M. - Massive Crash and No Energy Boost at All.

    I read the reviews here and hoped for the rush of energy some reviewers had. Unfortunately I didn't feel a thing. In fact, my response to it was the opposite. When taking this at 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the afternoon I would crash hard. I mean I was barely able to concentrate on work I was so tired. Went to bed early every night as well. My wife was shocked.

  • Kristian Malmstrom - Very little bad, and a lot of goodness

    A lot of great things! To start, the display is absolutely gorgeous, the colors were not perfect at first, but after messing with the color settings. I changed the DCR mode to natural skin and it looked just as good as my last monitor. The appearance of the monitor in generally is great, very modern very sleek, especially with the aluminum brushed base. One very little thing that is very nice, is the buttons that you use to navigate the menus are click buttons, not touch based. The manufacturer was also generous enough to provide a display port cord, it's nice if you needed one like I did.

  • gerald johnson - product not as orded.

    item was not as seen ontv, msa30x is rechargeable and item ha318b by leyin requires frequent batter changes.also volum control does not work properly.

  • wvamazonwarrior - Must watch

    This was a real eye opener. If you have been confused by many of the decisions from DC over the past 7 years, this movie explains it. This and his other documentary both have a fantastic use of history to explain the present and future.