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  • Michael - Much better than the regular chrome style I'm so used to ...

    Enamel coating makes these dishwasher safe and protects against corrosion, as long as you avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubby side of sponge. Much better than the regular chrome style I'm so used to going to rust. Been using for three years and have no signs of corrosion yet.

  • Steno Mom - Good site

    Introduced to the app by my daughter, lol...Read reviews!!! All is good. I've gotten everything that I've ordered. The large majority of the clothing is from overseas so sizing is very different than the Americas. Petite, thin munchkin people!!! This meant in the kindest terms, I must add. Some articles are of questionable quality(stamped designs as opposed to being part of the fabric) however what can you expect from the price. You get what you pay for. I've read other reviews and find them somewhat amusing because if you want top quality get off your butt,drive to a mall and go to the top dollar retailers. This is convenience an_ essentially anti-social shopping! As I said before, I like everything that I've ordered from this site, some more than others. Just keep in mind 2here its coming from, they do allow you to track. The U.S. postal service is lacking these days, remember that they are a private company and have filed for bankruptcyin the past. Keep things in perspective and don't order anything that you need instantly because some things take longer than others. Have fun and be thankful that you aren't spending a fortune AND keep in mind that things are different overseas, if you're in the States.

  • Jeannie Taylor - Love it for 3a/b hair

    This is my holy grail product for my 3a/b (Botticelli) hair. I use it mixed with Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (about 3/4 KCCC, 1/4 BRHG) and it gives me perfect, bouncy curls. I want the hard cast because I'm looking for firm hold, but it scrunches out beautifully. I use about two quarter's worth for my hair, which is very thick and slightly above bra strap length when wet. Sometimes I use it over Kinky Curly Knot Today, but not always, and I haven't had any trouble using it over other products. For next day hair, I usually just smooth/scrunch a bit of water, then a couple of drops of camellia oil, or sometimes a little Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk mixed with a drop or two of oil. Perfect.

  • Laurice Wilson - False advertisement with the mobile: their definition of mobile ...

    False advertisement with the mobile: their definition of mobile was not to download to your phone, but download the digital book onto your laptop and it can be "mobile" to move around with your electronic device ( not your mobile fon)