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  • Robert J. Korzuch II - This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT

    This is the SECOND PHONE in a week I tried to get working. I thought the first one was defective and sent it back BUT this one does not stay connected to AT&T either. The BLU company just brings you through a hard reset and other than that has NOT been Helpful AT ALL. I have tried every APN possible yet to no avail will it stay connected to AT&T. This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT! AT&T even supplied me with a new SIM, but the problem is in the HANDSETS by BLU! Blu just asks where I bought it and they suggest I just send it back AGAIN! What seemed like a nice product and great deal, WAS NOT! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, you will soon find out it isn't.

  • K. Boyle - Don't waste your time

    You are planning to take the LSAT. You are a very smart person, and you know that this is literally the most important test you will ever take, and your future may be determined by your score.

  • Shandel - Had me on the edge of my chair

    Great story. Thrilling adventure. I love the steadfast rambunctious go getting main character. I like the way the author writes. I could see it in my mind as I read. I love it when books do that.