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Molecular Cancer | Home page - <p><table><tr><td><p><i>Molecular Cancer </i>is an open access, peer-reviewed journal interested in attracting high-quality original research and reviews that present or highlight significant advances in all areas of cancer and related biomedical science.<br/><br/><i>Molecular Cancer </i>provides an important forum for exciting findings in cancer-related research, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to communicate information to specialists and the public. </p><p><i>Molecular Cancer</i> is interested in articles from basic, translational and clinical research. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: tumor biology, angiogenesis, animal models, metastasis, cancer antigens and the immune response to them, cellular signaling and molecular biology, epidemiology, genetic and molecular profiling of cancer targets, cancer stem cells, DNA damage and repair, cell cycle, apoptosis, virology and vaccine- and antibody-based cancer therapies.</p></td></tr></table></p>

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  • p.williams - Great Product!

    Works great alone but especially with the Candi-Gone system. I have persistent yeast issues, but this combination works better than anything else I've tried, even ThreeLac.

  • Charlene - Could never find a good comb attachment in the beauty supply store

    This is what I have been needing for such a long time. Could never find a good comb attachment in the beauty supply store. Works great. Very sturdy. Gets the job done fast!

  • stephen richardson - Love these vitamins for my teen daughter

    Love these vitamins for my teen daughter. She has been diagnosed with anemia taking other teen vitamins. Being a healthy eater and average weight, all other blood work was normal, I researched products, thought I'd try these before considering other treatments. We can tell a difference within the 2 months she's taken them. Can't wait to see what improvement her blood work reflects. She appears to have more energy, face getting color, clearer skin.

  • Rafael Aguilera Jr. - Piece of crap

    I bought this mighty fine piece of equipment from a Big Lots for $. Yup, I thought I was getting a deal! I was hoping it would be a good workout player but after one use, I knew it would not be. Things that suck about it: The first thing I noticed are the very crappy ear phones (The kind you get from a 99 cent store) and the player they plug into is just as flimsy. As soon I started jogging it became apparent the earphone jack and its receptacle are very flimsily made, the audio floated in and out and was laced with static.Very poor quality. I had to wiggle the jack around to get good audio. As we all know, as soon as this problem starts it only gets worse. 2nd thing that sucked; there is no "random play" feature, this player will start your play-list from the very beginning, every time you turn it on. So, in reality, you will probably never hear every song on your 2GB player unless you workout for about 12 freakin' hrs. Having to hear the same songs gets tired fast! There is no way around this, unless you click through your play-list manually (which takes forever!) or alter it on your computer somehow(who does such a thing). This would have been a great feature to have. #3 of suckiness: The earphones again! The reason the earphones are not viewable is because, if you saw them, you would not purchase this piece of .

  • Karren - Really works

    I have arthritis. Also I'm an artist who needs respite from sore hands and back. I cut up the small pads to put on my hands around the knuckles and get wonderful fast relief. I've tried the creams but forget some is on my hands and rub my eyes or scratch an itch...ouch! So salon pas fit my bill

  • Elizabeth S. Fisher - I am now indestructible

    When I received this, I wasn't sure what it was. The package was a 12 by 12 steel box. when I used my laser cutter to slice through the strange super-metal, the box was filled with concrete. after chiseling away the concrete, a ball of light started to float from the center. After transforming into some kind of vortex, a figure stepped out. mist flowed everywhere. when it cleared, Chuck Norris was standing in front of me. I was in awe, until he said he was a clone of Chuck from Jupiter, which in the year 2022 would become the planet that Chuck Norris traveled to and set up his empire. He took me through the vortex, and we appeared to be outside of the galaxy. Jupiter had a large area that had Chuck Norris's face on it. Clone Chuck said that Chuck Norris carved it out himself. We then teleported to the surface of the planet and I saw in all his glory, Chuck Norris himself. He handed me a package, which I realized to be the true parent child testing product. when I grabbed it, I was transported to the core of the sun. I wondered why I was not incinerated, until I realized that being in the mere presence of Chuck Norris had left me with indestructible skin. I knew that the true test was getting back to earth. As I navigated through the stars, I saw suns that make our sun look like a dim lightbulb. I was still not even singed by their immense heat. I landed safely, and told my neighbors, my co-workers, and relatives what I had experienced. They put me in an asylum years ago, and that is where I am now. I know that someday Chuck Norris will free me! *Insane laughter*