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  • Marilyn Robinson - which is tiresome.

    I have some experience using Excel for simple tasks, I found it hard to find the things I needed to enhance my skills in this book. It really works only if I go page by page, which is tiresome.

  • AbbieCat - I'm thrilled with this rose scented alcohol free witch hazel.

    I love this witch hazel with rose. I have always used drug store brands with alcohol and added my own essential oils but never again. I'm spoiled for life now. My skin is so incredibly soft, clean, clear, and the smell is amazing. My husband loves it. I have redness on my checks and this takes away every bit within 30 seconds where nothing else ever has. No more cover up for me, yay. I'm also using this on my chest, arms, and hands as a lotion. It sinks right in so I don't have to wipe my hands on a towel. I'm just so impressed with this product and as I type this, the subtle scent of roses is all around me, yum. I will definitely be purchasing this again and again. Highly recommended.

  • Steven - Five Stars

    Its very appropriate size and the silver exterior makes it feels really sturdy and gives it a nice look.

  • GoodGalGin - Great, but expensive

    Great, but expensive. Helped me feel very clear and motivated, but just too costly for me. Also, DO NOT combine this with pseudoephedra-containing OTC meds. I did once and seriously threw up occasionally for 24 hours, and felt sick and nauseated the whole time. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and don't even think about popping a pseudoephedra with this. Not sure what causes that reaction, but it's _severe_.

  • Debbie - Covers Great and is a Lifesaver!

    I suffer from Alopecia Areata which is patchy hair loss that comes and goes. I frequently have bald patches usually on top of my head which can be difficult to hide. I hate wearing hats and hair pieces all the time while I wait for my hair to grow back. I was previously using Joan River's Great Hair Day to fill in the patches and try to hide them. It worked OK but I wasn't crazy about the results. It is sort of hard to apply and it doesn't cover all that well. Then someone told me about Toppik and I tried it. What a lifesaver it is for me! It goes on easier than Great Hair Day and covers much better. I also ordered the spray applicator since I wanted to concentrate the Toppik to a small area. It really works and covers up the bald patch....I dont have to feel self conscious or cover up my hair any longer. After application, I do spray it with Hair spray and it stays on well through out the day.