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Maryland Hospital Association - The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) is the voice for Maryland’s hospitals, health systems,communities and patients, providing them leadership, advocacy, education, and innovativeprograms and services.

  • http://www.mhaonline.org/transforming-health-care Maryland Hospital Association - Triple Aim strategy and quality patient care - MHA is leading the effort to transform health care in Maryland to help reduce costs, improvethe health of communities and patient care.
  • http://www.mhaonline.org/advocacy Advocacy - State and federal issues impacting Maryland health care - MHA advocates in front of Maryland’s General Assembly on issues impacting state’s hospitals,healthcare systems and communities, such as behavioral health, Medicaid tax and medicalmalpractice.
  • http://www.mhaonline.org/events MHA annual conference and events - View MHA’s calendar of events, including webinars, workshops and information about ourannual conference.
  • http://www.mhaonline.org/connect MHA Community - member forum, social media and perspectives from MHA President - Connect with members of Maryland’s health care community to share and discuss issuesimpacting quality patient care, the workforce and other issues.

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