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Healthcare License Verification & Lookup – MedProID - Practitioners & Organizations - Search, lookup and access the most updated HCP and HCO license data that your life science organization relies on for healthcare license verification.

  • https://www.medproid.com/public/solutions/webid AdHoc HCP & HCO Medical License Lookup & Verification - We provide the ability for immediate license lookups, verifications & other searches on the most up-to-date healthcare practitioner, pharmacy or hospital license information.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/solutions/bulkid Medical & Physician License Number Lookup & Status - MedProID - BulkID provides medical license status of client-provided physician lists including up-to-date lookups for license number & information from our database.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/solutions/webservicesid Real-Time HCP and HCO License Verification - Check Doctor’s Medical Licenses - For customers looking to search, lookup & verify physician records, we perform immediate medical license verifications using a 16 million record database.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/solutions/sanctionid Lookup & Verify DEA Licenses, Check OIG Sanction Lists & More - With SanctionID, check & verify OIG, DEA, FDA, EPLS/GSA and state-based sanctions/exclusion lists. Lookup by name, address or state/NPI license number.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/solutions/porzioaggregatespendid Aggregate Spend Compliance, Reporting & Solutions - MedProID - MedPro Systems has partnered to offer Porzio AggregateSpendID, the industry leading end-to-end aggregate spend tracking, compliance and reporting solution.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/whymedpro/pdma Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) Regulations - MedProID - MedProID has tools to aid pharmaceutical companies in achieving PDMA compliance, understand regulations & consolidate information into an accessible database.
  • https://www.medproid.com/public/whymedpro/aggregatespend Sunshine Act Reporting & Physician Open Payments Compliance - We help compliance professionals with tracking, reporting, and requirements with laws regarding CMS Open Payments, Physician Payments & the Sunshine Act.

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  • Evie - System 1 - It's just OK but does the job

    Alright, so I've officially been using System 1 for almost one year now. I have oily hair (requires daily washing) that is thin, falling, and getting visibly thin at the crown area. First off... the tingly feeling at first goes away after a few uses. The shampoo has no pleasant or unpleasant smell, so don't expect your significant other to stick their nose in your hair and be allured in by the normal girly smells that come so easily with the over the counter products. Now for the important item...performance.... keeping in mind that I wasn't very good at using the conditioner or leave in scalp treatment, my review is only for the shampoo. I used it almost daily for the last year. I was pleasantly surprised I could see difference in my hair growth in 3-4 months. Yes... it's a long time, but think about how long it takes to grow hair! In my experience, it will not prevent breakage and will not prevent hair loss (especially due to stress... ehem (guilty)... or any medical issues. It just helps hair grow out strong and gives your scalp a little umph. Do not buy this product with unrealistic expectations, as you will be disappointed, and be patient! I'm probably going to switch to a volumizing and clarifying shampoo to supplement my routine. Also.... get a really good conditioner (I use mine on just the tips).

  • MPharmS - Nice idea!

    This product is a basic formulation of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, These as supplement combination used to be prescribed on the NHS in the Uk but were taken off the recommended list because of poor evidence.

  • Christine E. Silverman - Maximum improvement!

    They really did a good job updating this version of Milady's. The pictures are better, the diagrams are more detailed and the information is much more current. Do yourself a favor and update your version!

  • Toronto - Travel Writing?

    This is not about travel. This book is more about people complaining about their relatives. I used to love this series. It is too bad it got away from it's original objective of fabulous travel writing.

  • DRSOY - Right on target

    I am an immigrant who came from a family with nothing monetarily but rich in love and values. My parents spoke no English, had a grammar school education and worked like dogs to provide for their children. They never made it rich but they were rich beyond compare to our former life in our native country. Today my siblings and I, through hard work, sacrifice, values and persistence graduated from high school, college and graduate school. We did not take a dime of welfare as a family nor as adults. We made it in America because this country used to get out of the way of those who had the temerity to dream, aspire, push and reach for the stars. We did and we love what America provided for us - opportunity to work, save and dream.