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  • Alice N. Jones - Total Waste Of Money

    This is just another shaver, nothing special at all. The so-called "sensa light" is just a light that turns on when you press the cutting head. It has nothing to do with hair removal. The first time I tried to use it on my face, the micro-foil head did not work. Comparing it to the head for longer hair, I discovered a wire spring was missing from it. I tried to contact the company at the number they list for customer service but all I got was a overly rapid busy signal (all day long) or two rings and then dead silence, no matter how long I waited. The advertising for this product is deceptive because of the way it makes the consumer believe it's comparable to the expensive hair remover with the name that's opposite to YES. It's not. It's no better than any other cheap shaver. Don't waste your money.

  • TechGeek - Efficacious sledgehammer

    I used Amazon.com because the website made it easy to find the particular hot plate I wanted -- from amongst many, many others. For my review of the Aroma AHP-303 hot plate (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007QCRNU/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_img), I must first admit that I'm probably flying under false colors, here. All I wanted was a simple hot plate...more precisely: a one cup coffee warmer. However, since I prefer those larger mugs (often used for soup), I've never been able to find a single mug warmer which would hold the larger sized coffee mug. I had no interest in cooking or reheating food...or even boiling water, for that matter. I just wanted a 'large-enough' coffee mug warmer.

  • Robbie - Family look out!

    I'm not much of a ping pong player - a few games a year. The most important game, however, is at Grandma's house when the whole family gets together for Christmas. I'm excited to have this paddle as it is the only non-circa 1950 paddle I've ever played with. It is so far superior to the old paddles at Grandma's that I'm sure to take home the victory this year. The rubber is thick and "grippy" and the whole thing just feels solid. Purchased at a promotional price for the purpose of testing and reviewing.