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LASIK Eye Surgery | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - Medical Eye Center helps reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts by using the most advanced blade-free LASIK eye surgery available.

  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/blade-free-lasik/ Why Choose Blade-Free LASIK? | Southern Oregon - Medical Eye Center exclusively uses blade-Free LASIK to deliver the most customized vision correction possible. No other vision procedure can compare.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/what-does-lasik-cost/ What does LASIK cost? | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - Medical Eye Center understands LASIK is an investment. But how does it compare to glasses and contacts? Why not own your best possible vision with LASIK?
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/is-lasik-right-for-you/ Is LASIK Right For You? | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass - Medical Eye Center uses the latest Blade-Free LASIK technology to correct a broad range of mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/learn-about-lasik/ Learn About LASIK | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - Medical Eye Center's Dr. Paul Imperia and Dr. Matt Oliva are the most experienced LASIK surgeons in our region. They offer only the best LASIK technology.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/lasik-patient-testimonials/ LASIK Patient Testimonials | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass - Medical Eye Center LASIK surgeons Dr. Paul Imperia and Dr. Matt Oliva have helped thousands of people see more clearly. View our LASIK patient testimonials.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/paul-imperia-md/ Paul Imperia, MD | LASIK Surgeon | Medford Oregon - Medical Eye Center's Dr. Paul Imperia is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and one of the Northwest's most experienced LASIK surgeons.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/matt-oliva-md/ Matt Oliva, MD | LASIK Surgeon | Medford Oregon - Dr. Matt Oliva is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained corneal specialist. He is one of two LASIK surgeons at Medical Eye Center.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/eye-care-specialists/ Your Eye Care Specialists | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - At Medical Eye Center, our eye care specialists work together to provide you with the most advanced, comprehensive eye care possible. New patients welcome!
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/alternatives-to-lasik/ Alternatives to LASIK | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - LASIK is the best-known vision correction procedure, but there are alternatives to LASIK. Medical Eye Center can help you decide what's best for you.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/lasik-seminars/ LASIK Seminars | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - Come to one of Medical Eye Center's free LASIK seminars and learn about this life-changing procedure. Everyone who attends is eligible for a $500 discount.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/contact-us/ Contact Medical Eye Center | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass - Medical Eye Center serves Southern Oregon and Northern California with two convenient locations. Our doctors hold office hours in Medford and Grants Pass.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/lasik-payment-plans/ LASIK Payment Plans | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - Medical Eye Center offers affordable LASIK payment plans with the CareCredit card. You can get LASIK today, then pay for it with easy monthly payments.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/financing/lasik-vs-contacts/ LASIK vs Contacts | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass Oregon - What are you spending on contacts? It may be more than you think, and your long-term spending will almost certainly offset the cost of the LASIK Procedure.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/is-lasik-right-for-you/lasik-self-evaluation/ LASIK Self Evaluation | Medford Oregon | Grants Pass - Medical Eye Center has a LASIK self evaluation test to determine if you are a good candidate for the Blade-Free LASIK procedure. Click here to try it!
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/financing/lasik-payment-plans/ LASIK payment plans | Medford, Grants Pass, Oregon - Medical Eye Center is pleased to offer the CareCredit card. Begin your LASIK procedure immediately, then pay for it with low monthly payments.
  • http://www.medfordlasik.com/2016/08/how-does-lasik-work/ Medical Eye Center | How Does LASIK Work? | Medford - LASIK surgery is the most common laser vision correction procedure, and has helped millions of people around the world see better every day.

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  • Francine S - A must have for babies who have cradle cap and skin issues

    I am extemely please with this product my grandson who has since birth had a rash on his face is gone after a daily use of 4 days. I would recommend this product to all who have the same issue with their baby or child it works wonders combined with the baby ezema cream I bought more for my daughter to use and will keep buying it It is a must buy and the price is half of the stores

  • Rashida Mingo - If you are wanting a basic smart watch it will work

    If you are wanting a basic smart watch it will work, but I was looking for something a little more sport oriented. You can't download aps, the pedometer is a timer not sensors automatically. I returned it.

  • larflorida - 30 year old tub & tile look like new!

    I purchased this product for the bathtub & surrounding tile for an older investment property-the bathroom tub & tile would not come clean no matter what kind of cleaning product I used. Tub & tile had mold, mildew, caulk coming out-a complete mess. Got several quotes from the "1 day bathroom renovation" companies & they were all between $3500 & $6000.00! Did not want to spend that kind of money. Did research on google, found Rust-Oleum kit & read the reviews. Hired a professional handyman company to do the refinishing because I don't have any kind of a sander & I know this is an important step. Now, the bathtub & tile look 100% brand new-the finish is gorgeous! Professionals advised me to use only Scrubbing Bubbles cleanser-they warned that anything abrasive or any product containing bleach were an absolute no go if I want the finish to last. Completed project was around $600. including 2 Rust-Oleum kits purchased from Amazon. The kits were far less expensive than the cost at a large national "builder supply" store. The whole project took 2 l/2 days to complete (dry time between coats is critical.) I'm thrilled with the results-if it lasts a few years, I'll be happy! If it needs to be reapplied again, I will use Rust-Oleum & have it professionally done & still be way ahead financially. Handyman company said they would recommend this product to future clients-truly a 5 star...just hope it lasts-no crystal ball on this aspect of the product.