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Home - Meaningful Medicine - Meaningful Medicine delivers only patient-centered, relational care. Creative resources available through Meaningful Medicine and the nonprofit Preventive Health Strategies grew out of a motivation to re-invigorate one-to-one doctor-patient connections.

  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/dr-bosworth Dr. Bosworth - Meaningful Medicine - Meaningful Medicine prefaces the initial doctor visit with an extensive electronic question-and-answer process. Then, using the online Patient Portal created by Dr. Annette Bosworth, patients have the ability to submit medical questions and get rapid replies.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/about-the-patient-portal About the Patient Portal - Meaningful Medicine - Patient Portal technology allows a physician to answer patients’ questions even after hours.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/about-dr-bosworth About Dr. Bosworth - Meaningful Medicine - Dr. Annette Bosworth, the first South Dakota physician to meet the Meaningful Use standards for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), sees private practice patients and serves marginalized populations through Preventive Health Strategies, a nonprofit.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/educational-videos Educational Videos - Meaningful Medicine - Patients have the ability to understand and cooperate with their own treatment when they review these recommended videos.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/how-is-meaningful-recovery-different How Is Meaningful Recovery Different? - Meaningful Medicine - The Meaningful Treatment Program model uses medicine and cost-effective technology to tailor individualized treatment programs while enlisting support from family and friends who will collaborate in a patient’s treatment network.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/doctor-patient-relationship-redefined The Doctor-Patient Relationship Redefined - Meaningful Medicine - One of the most vital new relationships in the Meaningful Treatment Program is between patient and physician.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/online-treatment-enrollment Online Treatment Enrollment - Meaningful Medicine - Patients with addictions can enroll online to participate in Meaningful Treatment.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/meaningful-missions Meaningful Missions - Meaningful Medicine - While in Haiti with Meaningful Missions, physicians and student doctors hone their diagnostic skills unassisted by technology. Their service in Haiti also opens their eyes to the need for patient-centered medicine closer to home.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/what-a-haiti-trip-means-to-future-doctors What a Haiti Trip Means to Future Doctors - Meaningful Medicine - Time spent in Haiti can encourage medical students to fashion careers around strong commitment to patients of every socio-economic station.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/help-fund-the-next-haiti-trip Help Fund the Next Haiti Trip - Meaningful Medicine - The nonprofit Preventive Health Strategies accepts donations to further its important work in Haiti.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/echo-kids Echo Kids - Meaningful Medicine - Preventive Health Strategies, a nonprofit, created ECHO Kids to combat spiraling childhood obesity and diabetes rates. By making regular exercise fun, we’re helping kids push back against the trend.
  • http://www.meaningfulmedicine.org/enroll-your-child Enroll Your Child in ECHO Kids, Sioux Falls - Meaningful Medicine - Sioux Falls children are welcome to enroll online for the ECHO Kids exercise and healthy learning program.

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